Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas dinner... Turducken

Alas I wasn't able to cook this monstrosity of a bird on Christmas day as we would be out at my Uncle & Aunts place for Christmas lunch, but Christmas eve is the next best thing.

As earlier reported, my father had commissioned a Turducken from the local butcher, and when he picked it up yesterday, it would've been close to 10kg in size, pre-stuffed, with what, I wasn't sure, but still it weighed heaps!

Easily enough, it fitted nicely into the aluminum tray that Dad had bought especially for the occasion.

With past experiences, the oven at my parents place, fails to cut the mustard when it comes to generating any kind of heat, so we used Dad's Birthday/Retirement/Christmas present (there he is with his toy and the guard dog, Mandy), and well, all that I can say, it definitely cooks a whole lot better than the electric convection oven. Within minutes, I managed to get the oven upto a respectable 200°c with 2 burners running on "low". Then in went the turducken!

After about an hour, it was time to baste the turducken, and my, oh my, it not only smelt amazing, but it also looked great to boot!

And here is the end result, mmm... Yummy! I've never really been a big fan of the Turkey, but adding a chicken and a duck, kinda make it all a little more appealing! Can't wait for Christmas Dinner, apparently we've got 15 or so people coming.


ellem said...

the turducktin was to die for

Misty said...

looks really good Steph. I know when you first told me about it I was like uh wtf - will have to see if I can find something like that here in California :)