Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A Bargain too big to accept.

Last Saturday was last weekend of the Importers Warehouse clearance. Although we had gone the previous weekend we had to go again and pick up a Christmas present that we had chosen the previous weekend but forgotten to grab.

Wandering round we couldn't help but pick up even bigger bargain, and got even more presents for Christmas!

Then just as we approach in the crockery section, we see a lady standing near a stack of dinner and side plates. Just as we get to the plates (we had bought the bowls of that set the previous week) the lady shouts out to her co-worker "Gavin! Can we have deal?"

Gavin walks up and asked her for the number of plates, together we counted... Over 100. We waited for the deal, "$40 bucks for the lot"

I looked at Steph expectantly... (mentally picturing the new plates in our crockery cupboard)

Steph (in typical guy exasperated at female shopping logic): What are we going to do with all those plates?!?!?!
Eva (chirpy voice): Smash them!
Steph (unconvinced): Ha!

Gavin the sales guy pipes in at this point "You can pretend she's Greek and throw them at her..."

Steph (looks at Eva): (pauses) She doesn't look very Greek!

It actually shocked me to think that I had Chinese features. My only excuse, was that the offer was mind blowing, and my mind was still boggling over 40 cent a plate!

We all laugh and Steph (relieved) and I (regretfully) walk away...

Behind us the Lady announces "$30 bucks for 100 plates!" *


* At the sound of the Lady's announcement Steph gripped my wrist firmly and continued to walk away... He thinks I have no Will or Resolve when there's a bargain to be found!!!

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Kathleen said...

You're strong, Eva. Strong. I don't think I coudld've walked away.