Sunday, November 13, 2005

We built this Ceeeitttyyyy!!!!

Last night we celebrated the 80's with the SingStar 80's Game

First it was discussed over a roast chook and salad. Reminsicing about old TV programs the A-Team? Knight Rider? Astro-Boy? Get Smart the list went on...

Andrew did a hilarious rendition of the freshgrads of today and their Boost Drinker conversation. We commiserated, and acknowledged that 80's were the best times to grow up in.
While at EB we saw the new Kinetic Game which uses the EyeToy cam along with a Workout program to involve gameplay and fitness. The singstar game is also eyetoy enabled so we plugged it in to record some golden moments.

The golden moments were indeed golden moments! Andrew threw all his emotions into his sining, Kathleen was rolling all over the floor laughing. Steph was a goose in front of the camera. And Eva posed posed and posed some more!

Unfortunately (or fortunately) those golden moments couldnt be saved... but they remain in our heads, for those moments when you need a goofy grin on your face.

"We Built this City" "Come on Eileen" "Heaven is a Place on Earth" "Simply the Best" "Karma Chameleon" "Ice Ice Baby" "Tainted Love" "Uptown Girl" "Wake me up before you Go Go"

The songs just kept getting picked and even the boys joined in! All in all a very fun night in :)

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