Sunday, November 06, 2005

Scupltures by the Sea

Today, Andrew and Kathleen joined us for a walk around Bondi to Tamarama for the Sculpture by the Sea Exibition. Below are some of the pictures Steph took.

This one is my favourite - made of curved steele pipes swinging in different directions it was mesmerizing to watch.

The spanner has embossed on it "Made in England" But it has the American flag painted all over it. The artistic meaning???

Eva and Statue pondering the merits of growing cooch grass on the cliffs of Tamarama.

It was hot! But we had some fun, despite the Millions of people who also desended on the scupltures.

The kodak booth was a hit. you could have 3 free print outs and we submitted the sandstone face in hope that it would win the Kodak EasyShareOne and at $899 Steph and I REALLY hope we win it, because theres no chance i would buy it at that price!

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