Saturday, November 26, 2005


Steph was getting shaggy so an early morning wake up for a hair cut at Broadway. 15 mins later... (only 15 mins!!!) we headed home and went out to the Importers Warehouse Sale in Alexandria.

There they were selling all kinds of stuff! homewares, gift, christmas stuff, carpets, rugs, books and handbags/hats. Steph and I walked out with 2 watches and a set of bowls, others were walking out with shopping trolleys full of stuff!!!.

Dinner we went out ot Ramen Genki, i resisted the pull of the katsu curry and chose the shoi noodles, steph had a mix don, (half katsu half prawn) very yummy.
And as per our usual routine we hopped into a japanese store and bought something we didnt know. (This time is some amino drinks in jelly bottles.)

The lady at the counter was very helpful. I love the salad dressing they use at Genki House and She pointed out the dressing so im looking forward to dinner tonight.

Just as we got to the car the thunder storms started. Rather than going home we went out to the cliffs of Maroubra to enjoy the lighting show. Here are a few of the shots that i was able to take with my phone. Cool huh?

I would like to point out that my phone has rapid mult shot and i took a good 10+ attempts to get these photos. But it was worth it. Thunderstorms are exciting to watch!!!

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