Saturday, November 19, 2005

Oh Christmas Tree! Oh Shopping Spree!

Today Kathleen and Andrew popped by and together we wandered up to the Christmas Warehouse and Christmas Cave to hunt down a tree.

Now our apartment is pretty cramped with all our stuff, so we not only had a budget but a footprint restriction as well!! But we found our little tree, it was the only one that fitted our criteria, I tried to convince Steph for the bigger one, but he stood firm.

My argument about the fact that if the tree is shorter then it wasn't a Christmas tree, didn't sway his opinion, and then we came up with the idea of sticking it on a stool. It was fake height but that was all it took to settle my sensibitlies. Andrew and Kathleen also bought the same tree! :) But i dont think Kathleen had the same height issues that i had.

We bought some baubles, some tinsel and dragged the whole lot home. I pulled out the santas that i bought last year and hung them up. Here is the photo, of the tree all trussed up.

After that we sent the boys home with the shopping and Kathleen and I headed to the nut shop and then to the Rockmans factory outlet, which happened to be bedlam! Women are mad in a FO shop and they are insane when every piece of clothing was just 10 bucks! Crazy! Mad! But what a bargain. :)

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