Thursday, November 03, 2005

Holes in Sydney

Yesterday a hole appeared under a block of apartments in Lane Cove. The cause was the creation of ventilation hole for the Lane Cove Tunnel which is currently being built.

Thankfully no one was hurt and all tenants evacutated as the RTA and Lane Cove tunnellers frantically poured concrete in the 10m wide, 8 mtre deep hole. Now I'm no builder, but i would have thought it logically to put some sort of beam in the hole to support the corner of the building where the hole sat.

Yesterday in front of the couple who resided in the now suspended aparment their main bedroom collapsed in, revealing all their decor and furnishings. The couple obviously in shock, watched in horror and disbelief as their bed tipped over and down, the study desk chair, hung on for a while before wheeling down after the bed.

The brighter side of things were brought to everyone's attention by Huxley's article in the SMH

But now all north shore residents are up in arms as the state govement and private enterprises dig underneath them. Some of the tenants have commented about the whole project and overall they arent pleased.

Adding to this, the last tunnel debacle is the Cross City Tunnel who have resorted to giving the tunnel 2 weeks of free rides, hoping that sydneysiders will try it and be one over by the speed to get from A to B. However some drivers are still resisting. As Dave Hughes from the Glasshouse goes "Sydney people wont use the tunnel because they are afraid theyll get addicted! Its not heroin! its just a road!"

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