Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Dictator Icecream

Today after a delightful dinner with some of Stephs friends at the East Ocean, we headed out for dessert. Being Chinatown, Passionflower was chosen and with the rain it was an ideal location being undercover and all that.

Steph and I chose the Western Banana Split, which was a waffle basket with fresh bananas, chocolate fudge sauce, and a scoop of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice creams. Sounds yummy yes?

Well almost... Both Steph and I don't like Strawberry Icecream, Kath adores it but she makes up the 1% of the population that likes strawberry icecream.

Oh dear. But no probs!, we can just swap it with another flavour!

Right? "Nooo... Passion flower wont do that, its against their policies." Explained a little waitress in badly broken English (said more like "No. Not allowed. Sorry. Must have Strawberry. I go ask boss")

Eva: "But we don't like strawberry! What if I pay a bit more? I don't mind pay extra for a different flavour."

"Nooo... You cant change it, I did it before and boss yell at me"

For $#%# sake! This place charges $5.50 for one scoop of icecream!!! and adding to the injustice an additional $1 buck surchage if its a premium flavour!! You can buy a tub of Connoisseur Icecream for that price!

In summary, I'm paying a premium for icecream and they won't let me choose what I want!!!

This is the most shoddy level of customer service, Steph and I have received in Sydney. Where's the Passion? Is there a desire to make the experience memorable for return business? Nope. Nada. Nothing.

Steph and I will be boycotting all Passionflower. We are going to go to the place across the road (Toss 'n Turn, a Japanese waffle house) and anyone that sees us heading to PF out of habit, steer us in the right direction.


Lulu said...

I agree. The service is crap there especially for what they charge!
Have they opened anymore Gelatissmo's? - cheaper and better service!

Steph said...

It was a great night out, 1st time I'd been to Golden Century for dinner, absolutely fantastic.

Then the service @ Passionflower was an absolute discrase... I have never been told what I can and cannot eat anywhere. I think a letter to the SMH Editor would be appropriate

adb said...

I hope you gave her the finger, and made sure she saw you going to the place across the road.

Settle down on the letter to the editor, though, you don't want to end up like this!

Eva said...

we ended up with "different combo"

BUT i would have smeared strawberry icecream all over the table... OR flick it at the sign OR the scooper. OR scribbled on their table with a perm market. Maybe release a few ants, rats, ooh! i know! i know! curdled milk?

With that many years in Real Estate, you think up some great ways of getting retribution.