Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Eva walks in the door...

BANG! The door bangs up against the fan.

THUMP! Eva turns around and knocks over the christmas tree with her backpack

THUD! Eva puts her handbag down and knocks over Steph's umbrella...

Okay! Okay... I'm a bit of a klutz but after cardio workout in the morning and a Yoga class in the evening im allowed!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Christmas here we come!

After speaking with my Father at length on Friday night about the woes with their computer, Dad mentioned that he'd ordered the Turducken, from Oak Meat Store, Stirling SA, but I'm not sure whether it's something we have to construct, or it comes ready made... A call to Dad might be in order to clarify, don't want to arrive and find that I have to put the whole thing together.

On a side note, after
reading Kris' epic tale about her Turducken, I'm more and more excited by the prospect of unleashing the bird otherwise known as the "Turducken" upon the family and friends.

I'm also looking forward to taking a look at National Geographic, Maurice Making Turducken that I lifted from one of Kris' comments.

Saturday, November 26, 2005


Steph was getting shaggy so an early morning wake up for a hair cut at Broadway. 15 mins later... (only 15 mins!!!) we headed home and went out to the Importers Warehouse Sale in Alexandria.

There they were selling all kinds of stuff! homewares, gift, christmas stuff, carpets, rugs, books and handbags/hats. Steph and I walked out with 2 watches and a set of bowls, others were walking out with shopping trolleys full of stuff!!!.

Dinner we went out ot Ramen Genki, i resisted the pull of the katsu curry and chose the shoi noodles, steph had a mix don, (half katsu half prawn) very yummy.
And as per our usual routine we hopped into a japanese store and bought something we didnt know. (This time is some amino drinks in jelly bottles.)

The lady at the counter was very helpful. I love the salad dressing they use at Genki House and She pointed out the dressing so im looking forward to dinner tonight.

Just as we got to the car the thunder storms started. Rather than going home we went out to the cliffs of Maroubra to enjoy the lighting show. Here are a few of the shots that i was able to take with my phone. Cool huh?

I would like to point out that my phone has rapid mult shot and i took a good 10+ attempts to get these photos. But it was worth it. Thunderstorms are exciting to watch!!!

Friday, November 25, 2005


After 5 months of knowing, it's finally happened. I've signed my permanent contract at work... I'm now on salary!

Not sure if this is totally what I want, but I now have job security, which is an added bonus!

I suppose that I’ve grown used to the fact that as a contractor, I get paid for every hour that I work, and the more I work, the more I get paid.

The money isn't fantastic, and is almost the same as what I was earning as a contractor, but it's a start.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Stream20 Launches

Good news! after what seems to be the month that he was talking about, My younger brother Serge has launched his company Stream20.

I'm not sure if there was any "fanfare" or anything like that, just a quick message on MSN this morning from Serge asking me to check it out.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Dictator Icecream

Today after a delightful dinner with some of Stephs friends at the East Ocean, we headed out for dessert. Being Chinatown, Passionflower was chosen and with the rain it was an ideal location being undercover and all that.

Steph and I chose the Western Banana Split, which was a waffle basket with fresh bananas, chocolate fudge sauce, and a scoop of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice creams. Sounds yummy yes?

Well almost... Both Steph and I don't like Strawberry Icecream, Kath adores it but she makes up the 1% of the population that likes strawberry icecream.

Oh dear. But no probs!, we can just swap it with another flavour!

Right? "Nooo... Passion flower wont do that, its against their policies." Explained a little waitress in badly broken English (said more like "No. Not allowed. Sorry. Must have Strawberry. I go ask boss")

Eva: "But we don't like strawberry! What if I pay a bit more? I don't mind pay extra for a different flavour."

"Nooo... You cant change it, I did it before and boss yell at me"

For $#%# sake! This place charges $5.50 for one scoop of icecream!!! and adding to the injustice an additional $1 buck surchage if its a premium flavour!! You can buy a tub of Connoisseur Icecream for that price!

In summary, I'm paying a premium for icecream and they won't let me choose what I want!!!

This is the most shoddy level of customer service, Steph and I have received in Sydney. Where's the Passion? Is there a desire to make the experience memorable for return business? Nope. Nada. Nothing.

Steph and I will be boycotting all Passionflower. We are going to go to the place across the road (Toss 'n Turn, a Japanese waffle house) and anyone that sees us heading to PF out of habit, steer us in the right direction.

Monday, November 21, 2005

The beemer is back

Man was it shot!

After 3 years of chugging around on the streets of Sydney it was time for a service. We zipped around to a mechanic around the corner from us, one that Marti recommended. And man are they good! Helio and Matt took great care of us and poor old bemer.

Here are a list of things that it needed. New brake pads, and discs, new brake hoses and fixing the busted mirror that dad broke while swinging his golf clubs. There was more but it got too technical for me.

Anyway poor again - but the beemer is better for it.

31 More sleeps!

Yes, there are 31 more sleeps till I'm on holiday, and 34 more till Christmas.

Eva & I are heading back to Adelaide for Christmas to spend with my parents & little sister. Apparently Christmas day, we've got Christmas lunch at my Uncle & Aunt's place, then for dinner, Back to my parents place where there are 12-14 people for dinner... So much Christmas cheer, so little time!

Thankfully we've got 10 days in Adelaide and heading back New Years Eve to Sydney, I'm not sure which I'm more excited about, the break from Sydney or Christmas.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Margarita back online

After a week without Margarita (our main computer) due to a missadventure with a new Motherboard being DOA, and me blowing up the new power supply (long story), all is working a treat once transferring back to the old Micro ATX board.

A few gains, a new Heatsink that's keeping the CPU cooler than ever, more RAM (an extra 512mb now @ 1gb) and a Power supply that I haven't blown up. And last but not least, Martini to go back to doing what it does best, run TankCam.

Most importantly... Eva's happy

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Oh Christmas Tree! Oh Shopping Spree!

Today Kathleen and Andrew popped by and together we wandered up to the Christmas Warehouse and Christmas Cave to hunt down a tree.

Now our apartment is pretty cramped with all our stuff, so we not only had a budget but a footprint restriction as well!! But we found our little tree, it was the only one that fitted our criteria, I tried to convince Steph for the bigger one, but he stood firm.

My argument about the fact that if the tree is shorter then it wasn't a Christmas tree, didn't sway his opinion, and then we came up with the idea of sticking it on a stool. It was fake height but that was all it took to settle my sensibitlies. Andrew and Kathleen also bought the same tree! :) But i dont think Kathleen had the same height issues that i had.

We bought some baubles, some tinsel and dragged the whole lot home. I pulled out the santas that i bought last year and hung them up. Here is the photo, of the tree all trussed up.

After that we sent the boys home with the shopping and Kathleen and I headed to the nut shop and then to the Rockmans factory outlet, which happened to be bedlam! Women are mad in a FO shop and they are insane when every piece of clothing was just 10 bucks! Crazy! Mad! But what a bargain. :)

Friday, November 18, 2005

Thursday, November 17, 2005

First day

Today was my first day at the new job...

After 2.5 years of monotonous work at McGrath I had forgotten how daunting learning curves can be. But it was fun, lots to learn and I did heaps today! Bring on tomorrow!!!

However a bad thing was the 3 extra days off... I had settled into holiday mode rather well and today was enough of a shock to run for the nearest extra strong latte!

Homer's view on Uruguay

Courtesy of a collegue here at work... Kinda fitting after the Socceroos victory last night

A victory 31 years in the making!

Congratulations to the Australian Socceroos after beating Uruguay back here in Australia.

Final score was: Australia 1 Uruguay 0 (aggregate score: 1-1; Australia won 4-2 on penalties)

The photo just says it all!

I wouldn't mind going, but don't think Eva & I could save the 10k or so it would take for us to make it just to Germany.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Nokia Traitor

I have always had a nokia and preached the concept of staying with Nokia but after 3 years. BUT Desperate times called for a desperate action.

Steph is still giving me accusing looks, I've gone against all my working and gotten myself a Samsung Z500, its a flip phone and done buckets of stuff. As well as all the bells and whistles that makes Steph's mobile sound monotone.

I would have liked to get the Nokia 6111 or the 6280 but I would have to wait and their release price would be in the thousands anyway....

First day of holidays

I spent totally on laundry!!! 4 batches later, we have clean clothes and Eva is too pooped to go to the city and shop!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

We built this Ceeeitttyyyy!!!!

Last night we celebrated the 80's with the SingStar 80's Game

First it was discussed over a roast chook and salad. Reminsicing about old TV programs the A-Team? Knight Rider? Astro-Boy? Get Smart the list went on...

Andrew did a hilarious rendition of the freshgrads of today and their Boost Drinker conversation. We commiserated, and acknowledged that 80's were the best times to grow up in.
While at EB we saw the new Kinetic Game which uses the EyeToy cam along with a Workout program to involve gameplay and fitness. The singstar game is also eyetoy enabled so we plugged it in to record some golden moments.

The golden moments were indeed golden moments! Andrew threw all his emotions into his sining, Kathleen was rolling all over the floor laughing. Steph was a goose in front of the camera. And Eva posed posed and posed some more!

Unfortunately (or fortunately) those golden moments couldnt be saved... but they remain in our heads, for those moments when you need a goofy grin on your face.

"We Built this City" "Come on Eileen" "Heaven is a Place on Earth" "Simply the Best" "Karma Chameleon" "Ice Ice Baby" "Tainted Love" "Uptown Girl" "Wake me up before you Go Go"

The songs just kept getting picked and even the boys joined in! All in all a very fun night in :)

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Cos Im Freeeee!

Today i celebrated my last day as web bitch at McGrath.

3.5 years, I've seen heaps, I've made friends, and more friends. The highs, The lows, The Drama Kings, The Drama Queens, The Headless Chooks, The Tantrum Boys... Honey i have seen the lot!!!
I once described the job as being a mother to 120 kids, with no Mothers day, There are moments when you like them and then there are moments when you would happily strangle the lot of them.

I asked Steph if I could be a kept girlfriend but he's wants alternative options. So I went out and got myself a new job, that im starting next Thursday and I'm very excited!!!

My heart will always be with marketing. The crew totally rock and we know it!!!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Strike Three! - Yet another Funny Clip

After laughing ourselves silly through BSB - I Want it That Way and again through BSB - As Long As You Love Me

Those Chinese boys have done it again!!! This one is in black and white and i have no idea what they are singing but it looks like these 2 boys have a career in front of the webcam!

Another Funny Clip

Tonight Steph and I finally finished watching that Funny Clip of the two chinese boys lip-syncing to Backstreet Boys - "I Want It That Way" (yes we made it without expiring from laughter)

And to our delight the have done another of the BSB songs! This 3.5 min movie is an emotional one called "As Long As You Love Me"

And if you can make your way through that theres the schoolkids who do a dramatic outdoor rendition of "Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely" which includes the dumping girlfriend declaring that the dumpee boy was "Not Worth It"

Scupltures by the Sea

Today, Andrew and Kathleen joined us for a walk around Bondi to Tamarama for the Sculpture by the Sea Exibition. Below are some of the pictures Steph took.

This one is my favourite - made of curved steele pipes swinging in different directions it was mesmerizing to watch.

The spanner has embossed on it "Made in England" But it has the American flag painted all over it. The artistic meaning???

Eva and Statue pondering the merits of growing cooch grass on the cliffs of Tamarama.

It was hot! But we had some fun, despite the Millions of people who also desended on the scupltures.

The kodak booth was a hit. you could have 3 free print outs and we submitted the sandstone face in hope that it would win the Kodak EasyShareOne and at $899 Steph and I REALLY hope we win it, because theres no chance i would buy it at that price!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Halloween Pic of the year...

A friend kindly sent this one on, very cool :O)

Holes in Sydney

Yesterday a hole appeared under a block of apartments in Lane Cove. The cause was the creation of ventilation hole for the Lane Cove Tunnel which is currently being built.

Thankfully no one was hurt and all tenants evacutated as the RTA and Lane Cove tunnellers frantically poured concrete in the 10m wide, 8 mtre deep hole. Now I'm no builder, but i would have thought it logically to put some sort of beam in the hole to support the corner of the building where the hole sat.

Yesterday in front of the couple who resided in the now suspended aparment their main bedroom collapsed in, revealing all their decor and furnishings. The couple obviously in shock, watched in horror and disbelief as their bed tipped over and down, the study desk chair, hung on for a while before wheeling down after the bed.

The brighter side of things were brought to everyone's attention by Huxley's article in the SMH

But now all north shore residents are up in arms as the state govement and private enterprises dig underneath them. Some of the tenants have commented about the whole project and overall they arent pleased.

Adding to this, the last tunnel debacle is the Cross City Tunnel who have resorted to giving the tunnel 2 weeks of free rides, hoping that sydneysiders will try it and be one over by the speed to get from A to B. However some drivers are still resisting. As Dave Hughes from the Glasshouse goes "Sydney people wont use the tunnel because they are afraid theyll get addicted! Its not heroin! its just a road!"

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

A Milestone

Strange as it may seem, it's been 12 months to the day since Eva & Steph - Eating our way through Sydney came to be.

My my haven't we grown!

Here's to our 1st Blog anniversary!

Serge Launches...

My younger brother Serge dropped me a rare email to announce the birth of his new company Stream:20, with the tag "..an update in one month"

I wish him all the best with the new venture!

Winners are Grinners!

After not actually getting to the TAB to put some hard earnt money on Makybe Diva for the Melbourne Cup yesterday and not winning the office sweep, I actually won the office Silly Hat day.

Much to my delight, my wonderful boss, Nicole, appeared with a bottle of Yellowglen Vintage Sparkling Pinot Noir Chardonay this morning.

I think there's a photo of me & the hat circling the office, I might post it, if it's not that bad.

More free stuff

On my way home this afternoon I couldn't help but notice that there was more free stuff being handed out by this time Neco, so, without knowing what was in the box, I lined up, and low and behold, I've got myself another 6 Energy saving light globes.

Count so far is 15 Energy saving globes, all bayonet, and none that I can use :O(

What am I going to do with so many? I think my parents in Adelaide wouldn't mind some and anyone else that asks nicely :O)

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A Funny Clip

Marti and Nige passed this hilarious clip on to both Steph and Myself.

In light of the Singstar Party to be held at my place. Girls be grateful I dont have an eyetoy cam... yet...

The funny thing is the guy in the background, either hes surfing for porn or hes got headphones on fullblast.