Saturday, October 08, 2005

Trockadero - Ballet with balls


We went to the Saturday Matinee at the State Theatre which is lovely, a grand exuberant lady, and a perfect place for a whole heap of male ballet dancers prancing around in tutus.

Trockaderos is a NY based ballet company thats purpose was to present a playful, entertaining view of traditional, classical ballet in parody form. It might sound weird but its amazing to watch as well as very funny. Sending everything up from the poising, the prima donna snobs, to their russian Persona. After watching their first performance in Australia, one journalist, Ron Banks wrote on the 18th October 2002 in The West Australian
"These are ballerinas with balls, both literally and metaphorically. The dancers in their tutus may have hairy armpits and a five-o'clock shadow under their heavy make-up, but their dancing skills would give Sylvie Guillem or Darcy Bussell pause to consider."
Some of the highlights of the show:
  • A duet with posing ballerinas, the posers fall asleep, one sleepwalking off the stage.
  • After being knocked out by a bouncy leaping lead, a poser crawls back on and agitated movements expresses her displeasure.
  • A large ballerina, jumps about, everytime she lands the poser, lose their balance a little bit, until they all fall down.
  • Wishy-washy prince and his slow dramatic exits
  • The end of les Shlphies, they give the prima donna a bunch of flowers and the prince a bottle of wine. Just as the curtains fall, prima donna snatches the wine and thrusts the flowers in the princes face.
  • Dying swan, her fluttering arms turn into chicken flaps. Her legs going all over the place, the feathers falling out of her tutu.
  • Little ballerina racing around madly while 6ft+ glides gracefully around
  • The prima donna showing off her bling bling after the marriage scene
  • The throwing of the bridal boquet, and 6ft+ happy catcher leaping off in a twirl 5'6' sulking off in a hunched back and stomping feet

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