Saturday, October 01, 2005

There are no fish to Fish!

Today we hired a butt ('boat' Nemo talk) and went out with William, Elenanor and Winston to fish for our dinner. We chose to hire a boat from Cronulla Houseboats and Boat hire and it was quite cheap! And the service was very good! :) All up about $100 bucks for the 5 of us :)

But the fishing was a disaster. We got the smallest critters! Better off in a fishtank than on a dinner plate.

Steph was the last to catch something. Will caught a weird snake looking fish, Winston caught a baby bream and i caught a flounder. But the day was great and the scenery was divine. all in all a day well spent. Oh one thing we did catch... Steph has pink sunburnt arms :P

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