Friday, October 07, 2005

Not quite big enough

With reference to my previous entry It's time. I took some time off on Thursday to take a bit of a looksee with Eva at the apartment upstairs in the Northern section of our building, just as well because there wasn't going to be any Saturday opening.

Eva & I were full of anticipation and were eager to 1. Meet our property manager, and 2. Take a look at the apartment.

But alas, we 1st met the Evil property manager not the one we were hoping for, and 2nd the apartment was about half the size of our current digs, and in the end, couldn't even find the car space which would've been the sealer as some of the spaces give you a little room to store some stuff.

Amazingly still, I think Eva was told that the apartment had views, but when we looked, the only view I could see was the apartment block across the road!

Never mind, it's back to looking again. It only took us 3 weeks to find the current digs.

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