Thursday, October 06, 2005

Night Noodle Art

Last thursday we went out to the Night noodle markets with some friends from work

We enjoyed Mussels cooked in White Wine from Bungalow 8, Chicken Spicy Noodles from Yai Noodles, Ginger Chicken Udon from Wagamama, Salt and Pepper Squid Tentacles and Peking Duck Wrapper from Zilver, Mini Pancakes one with maple syrup and Bananas the other with strawberries and chocolate fudge sauce.

But my favourite is the Mussels from Bungalow 8 they are soo good that we will be attending their All you can Eat Mussels & Chunky Chips on Tuesday Night! (after i get paid)

After gorging on all that food we wandered down to enjoy the outdoor artwork. Using them we had a bit of fun :)

Steph working as a hair dresser

Eva pushing hot guy off the bed

Pep getting a Knockout

Elizabeth turning on the last light

1 comment:

Denzil said...

hmmm.. mussels!!! The best mussels I had ever were in Brussels, garlic and cream... I'm so hungry now!!!