Thursday, October 20, 2005

Mussels in... and Totally Musseled out

A few weeks ago we went to the night noodle markets and I happened on a plate of Bungalow8's delicious mussels... I think Steph got 3 or 4 of them down before I scoffed the lot!!! they were so yum!

Anyway as they handed over the goodies they gave me a flyer and it turns out that Tuesday is All-you-can-eat-Mussels and chunky chips for $18 bucks!!! BARGAIN!

So we booked a table and invited a few friends to join us. And the place isn't half bad!!! I always thought Bungalow8 was a pretentious meat market but we were delighted by our high back crushed leather U-shaped couch, the bamboo ceiling and the groovy paper lanterns. It was quite dark, lit only by candles, outdoor heaters and TV screens (so you couldn't see the mess you made on the front of your shirt) gave the place a intimate atmosphere so you could be a slob, eat with your fingers and be happy that there would be no offended looks.

We all ploughed through 2 pots of mussels each, the choices of flavours were Vegetable (no one ordered that), White Wine (clear favourite), Laksa (Steph ordered - very yum - not hot) Provencale (Second Favourite) and Tom Yum (clean flavours and Stephs 2nd favourite)

We accidentally ordered 2 pots of Provencale when Di's didn't arrive, but don't worry! Someone will eat it! (and Di did ;) Then Ange, Steph and myself even shared the third pot!

Recommend it to anyone who loves mussels but be warned!!! after 2.5 pots you will be all musseled out!

Post: On the way back Di questioned the use of a little fan that didnt spin properly, "Huh?" Ii think was the collective response, so we look at what she was pointing at... and it took us a bit. We thought maybe there was a Magic Mussel in the pot with hallucinogenic properties, but indeed there was a little fan on the vertical wall between the 1st and 2nd floor! and it did spin then not spin! Steph said it was to measure wind, i was too full of mussels to use my brain!!!

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Denzil said...

So jealous...

I just got into work with a pot of tomato soup with basil (very bloody good) coz I'm feeling exceedingly hungry after my morning workout. So you ofcourse have to talk about mussels.. muscles... oh god i love mussels...

We've had good mussels in Barcelona. Good mussels in Brussels. And Lu particularly liked the muscles at Barcelona (Muscle) Beach.