Tuesday, October 04, 2005

It's time!

The Day after moving in April 2004After 18 months we've decided it's time to relocate to larger digs.

I think the last straw was Eva's latest purchase, The New Tank the other month, all 130 litres of it, now we are beginning to struggle for space.

Eva's sent the email off to the property manager, and Eva's booked in for Thursday morning to check out the apartment with a view, and then again on Saturday for the pair of us to check it out.

Sorry, no photo's yet, but I'm sure Eva will snap some to share on Thursday. The featured photo is the day after we moved in 18 months ago.

Now that I've dug up the photo from "The day after" moving in here, it doesn't look too different, just a little more organised, and more furniture. Scary thing is, Eva's already plotting for more! And we haven't even moved yet!

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