Saturday, October 08, 2005

Girly girl

After watching the Trockadero, a comedy parody about the fancy world of ballet. Which my friend pep and I absolutely adored. I asked steph for his thoughts.

"Oh it was funny, but I wasn't brought up on ballet like you girls were..."

Err Hello? Neither was I! I don't go running around in a tutus and I don't like powdery smells or fluffy shit. And I might add that Pep loves Skulls, Harleys, and Black. So I don't think either of us qualify for ballet buffs. I told him that we weren't girly girls Steph laughed and told me that it wasn't a good term to use then HE swans off!!! I swear he treats me like a mushroom sometimes and leaves me in the bloody dark!!! Grr!

But I don't need steph for knowledge, I google for it.
  • First a definition from Wikipedia in which I would like to highlight the sentence "stereotyping someone for decorating (room or clothing) with a lot of pink."
Other things found:
  • You can play Girly Girl dressups (I like the red top and the black capri pants and thongs.)
  • A cute article about raising a precious daughter, from a tomboy mother's point of view
  • Even NASA have a hit with Breanna's drawing of Girly Girl planet complete with lovehearts and kisses. (I think the tubes on either sides are bottles of perfume NASA235 and 32NASA)
So google has verifed my definition, but what did Steph mean as he laughed and saunted off? I pry the answer out. His explaination is based on a NY term and "Girly girl" is slang for a girl that's free and easy for sex. I thought it would have been something more confronting than that. I think he just made that definition up.

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