Friday, October 14, 2005

Airport line costs taxpayers $800m - National -

Airport line costs taxpayers $800m - National -

I wonder if this will mean cheaper tickets on the airport line... One can only hope! $35.50 a week for a Green Square to City bites. In comparison, a weekly ticket from Redfern to City is around the $18 mark!

This is all a bit of a worry especially when you learn that the airport line has been in receivership since 2000. Worse still, 2 months after the line opened.

After a little more research, it appears that this has been in consideration for nearly 12 months
Airport rail link settlement may run over $100m - National -

On a side note, it's such a shame really, Green Square at least, has so much potential, but it's spoiled because of the train being so damned expensive and the buses that run through the area are quite unreliable.

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Denzil said...

Compared to London transport its cheap!!!

You pay around £23 for a weekly ticket (zones 1-2). Thats about $AU46!!!! Mind you it does include bus travel all over london which is good - but trains only in zones 1 - 2.