Thursday, October 27, 2005

Creative teckernology!

Just when you thought they'd managed to digitize everything, they've taken it to the paint brush, the Smarty pantses at MIT, have kindly produced the I/O Brush.

From the promo video it looks like this brush can do anything, from take colour from any object, and then use that as your paint, then paint onto a digital screen, it can reproduce the colour, and if you desire, it can do animation over and over again... Waaah!

I just wish I could have one!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I just can't help myself...

Sometimes atleast.

But not today

More freebies at town hall, and the guys from Origin Energy were back with their free light globes, and really, I just douldn't help myself and we now have 6 more power saving globes.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I can see clearly now...

I have finally bitten the bullet, spent the money and got some new eyeballs to help me read, sit infront of computer for 8 - 15 hrs a day, and when required, watch TV too!

Strangely enough, this was the first pair that I'd tried on the week before. I've taken a couple of shots with the webcam, check out our Flickr to see them all!

Before you ask... I'm not mad, just Crazy!

Monday, October 24, 2005

You know its getting warmer...

... when the bloody mozzies come out!!!

I already have 4 - one on shoulder, 2 on my upper arm and one on my cheek! And steph has blessedly none!!! The worse news is that there is no reason why the prefer to chomp on me. Research hasnt come up with anything definitive

Its time to stock up on Calamine Lotion the Mopiko Cream (pronounced "Moe Bei Goh") and the Aeroguard.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Get ready to Trill!!!

Hooray!!! Girls Practise your gargling singing in the bathroom Boys pull out those neon t-shirts and canvas sneakers... Because Its On!

All those surveys that I have done for all the past Singstar Games have paid off!!! I am delighted to be a pre ordered freak of SingStar 80's!

And the music! Oh My! Does it bring back memories. From Carlisle's "Heaven is a Place on Earth" to Starship's "We built this city" and wait for it... That all boy classic "Eye Of The Tiger"

Its releasing in Australia on the 10th of November so expect a party at our house very soon :)

Click here for the the offical tracklist The Annoucement on Playstation Australia

Friday, October 21, 2005

You ask the question...

You get an answer...

Courtesy of a colleague at work got this gem of a photo taken on Port Wakefield Road in South Australia.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

On Hold

After a little debate, Eva & I have decided to stay put for the time being and save some moolah. Rent here is probably the best in the entire block. This in its entirety doesn't mean we won't look, just not that seriously.

I think this means another delay in our trip to Hong Kong, China (and maybe Thailand) but, delays mean more time for saving money, something I'm doing in earnest!

So the formula goes...
More time + Saving Money = More spending money
Simple, but Works for me!

Mussels in... and Totally Musseled out

A few weeks ago we went to the night noodle markets and I happened on a plate of Bungalow8's delicious mussels... I think Steph got 3 or 4 of them down before I scoffed the lot!!! they were so yum!

Anyway as they handed over the goodies they gave me a flyer and it turns out that Tuesday is All-you-can-eat-Mussels and chunky chips for $18 bucks!!! BARGAIN!

So we booked a table and invited a few friends to join us. And the place isn't half bad!!! I always thought Bungalow8 was a pretentious meat market but we were delighted by our high back crushed leather U-shaped couch, the bamboo ceiling and the groovy paper lanterns. It was quite dark, lit only by candles, outdoor heaters and TV screens (so you couldn't see the mess you made on the front of your shirt) gave the place a intimate atmosphere so you could be a slob, eat with your fingers and be happy that there would be no offended looks.

We all ploughed through 2 pots of mussels each, the choices of flavours were Vegetable (no one ordered that), White Wine (clear favourite), Laksa (Steph ordered - very yum - not hot) Provencale (Second Favourite) and Tom Yum (clean flavours and Stephs 2nd favourite)

We accidentally ordered 2 pots of Provencale when Di's didn't arrive, but don't worry! Someone will eat it! (and Di did ;) Then Ange, Steph and myself even shared the third pot!

Recommend it to anyone who loves mussels but be warned!!! after 2.5 pots you will be all musseled out!

Post: On the way back Di questioned the use of a little fan that didnt spin properly, "Huh?" Ii think was the collective response, so we look at what she was pointing at... and it took us a bit. We thought maybe there was a Magic Mussel in the pot with hallucinogenic properties, but indeed there was a little fan on the vertical wall between the 1st and 2nd floor! and it did spin then not spin! Steph said it was to measure wind, i was too full of mussels to use my brain!!!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Airport line costs taxpayers $800m - National -

Airport line costs taxpayers $800m - National -

I wonder if this will mean cheaper tickets on the airport line... One can only hope! $35.50 a week for a Green Square to City bites. In comparison, a weekly ticket from Redfern to City is around the $18 mark!

This is all a bit of a worry especially when you learn that the airport line has been in receivership since 2000. Worse still, 2 months after the line opened.

After a little more research, it appears that this has been in consideration for nearly 12 months
Airport rail link settlement may run over $100m - National -

On a side note, it's such a shame really, Green Square at least, has so much potential, but it's spoiled because of the train being so damned expensive and the buses that run through the area are quite unreliable.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Shelves

Finally, nearly a month later after purchasing the shelves, I've got them painted and up. Mind you, they smell a little, but this should pass in time.

Finally I'll be able to get some of Eva's crap and other things off the computer desk into an organised fashion.

I think Eva wants to do the same upstairs, but I think she'll be painting them this time, or we'll do it "together".

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Love is...

Love is one of Eva's zany smiles...

Strangely enough, Pucca & Eva appear to be cut from the same stone!

Free Stuff...

There's nothing I love more than a booth at the train station handing out free stuff!

Usually it's food and the like, last time free stuff was on offer, Mars & Snickers Bars were being handed out to celebrate their re-release in NSW after a couple of months of them being off the shelves.

As I arrived at Town hall Station this morning on my usual route to work via Woolies to buy some liquid wakeup, Origin Energy had setup camp handing out free Energy Saving light globes. It was a bit of a fight to get to the front, but I got my free six pack in a neat little carry case.

This is definitely the single most useful item that's been handed out at Town Hall, but much to my dismay as I got back to my desk, they're all Bayonet globes, all of the ones at home take Screw Cap globes.

Never mind, I'm sure someone out there would like them…

Monday, October 10, 2005

Mandible Nightclub

Steph bought some new speakers on Sunday (and I might add when Steph as a new toy you might as well write him off for a few hours) He got a pretty good deal, which he might blog about a bit later.

So I come home from work and open the door... The lights are off. Steph is on the computer chatting to lulu, the monitors and fishtanks are glowing, so is the TV... He has his doof doof music, playing hard and fast, pumping through the brand new speakers.

I swear it felt like a nightclub! All that was missing was the Door Bitch!

Passing the msg along the food chain

Working in Sydney, everyone seems to want everything now. but to pass that msg you dont want to excerbate the headless chook feeling so i tend to send lightly derogative email: For example

"Hi there,

The Agent having Kittens/Cows and has that many butterflies, shes shooting them out of her butt...

can i get vtours uploaded please?"

I think it was rather apt.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Girly girl

After watching the Trockadero, a comedy parody about the fancy world of ballet. Which my friend pep and I absolutely adored. I asked steph for his thoughts.

"Oh it was funny, but I wasn't brought up on ballet like you girls were..."

Err Hello? Neither was I! I don't go running around in a tutus and I don't like powdery smells or fluffy shit. And I might add that Pep loves Skulls, Harleys, and Black. So I don't think either of us qualify for ballet buffs. I told him that we weren't girly girls Steph laughed and told me that it wasn't a good term to use then HE swans off!!! I swear he treats me like a mushroom sometimes and leaves me in the bloody dark!!! Grr!

But I don't need steph for knowledge, I google for it.
  • First a definition from Wikipedia in which I would like to highlight the sentence "stereotyping someone for decorating (room or clothing) with a lot of pink."
Other things found:
  • You can play Girly Girl dressups (I like the red top and the black capri pants and thongs.)
  • A cute article about raising a precious daughter, from a tomboy mother's point of view
  • Even NASA have a hit with Breanna's drawing of Girly Girl planet complete with lovehearts and kisses. (I think the tubes on either sides are bottles of perfume NASA235 and 32NASA)
So google has verifed my definition, but what did Steph mean as he laughed and saunted off? I pry the answer out. His explaination is based on a NY term and "Girly girl" is slang for a girl that's free and easy for sex. I thought it would have been something more confronting than that. I think he just made that definition up.

Trockadero - Ballet with balls


We went to the Saturday Matinee at the State Theatre which is lovely, a grand exuberant lady, and a perfect place for a whole heap of male ballet dancers prancing around in tutus.

Trockaderos is a NY based ballet company thats purpose was to present a playful, entertaining view of traditional, classical ballet in parody form. It might sound weird but its amazing to watch as well as very funny. Sending everything up from the poising, the prima donna snobs, to their russian Persona. After watching their first performance in Australia, one journalist, Ron Banks wrote on the 18th October 2002 in The West Australian
"These are ballerinas with balls, both literally and metaphorically. The dancers in their tutus may have hairy armpits and a five-o'clock shadow under their heavy make-up, but their dancing skills would give Sylvie Guillem or Darcy Bussell pause to consider."
Some of the highlights of the show:
  • A duet with posing ballerinas, the posers fall asleep, one sleepwalking off the stage.
  • After being knocked out by a bouncy leaping lead, a poser crawls back on and agitated movements expresses her displeasure.
  • A large ballerina, jumps about, everytime she lands the poser, lose their balance a little bit, until they all fall down.
  • Wishy-washy prince and his slow dramatic exits
  • The end of les Shlphies, they give the prima donna a bunch of flowers and the prince a bottle of wine. Just as the curtains fall, prima donna snatches the wine and thrusts the flowers in the princes face.
  • Dying swan, her fluttering arms turn into chicken flaps. Her legs going all over the place, the feathers falling out of her tutu.
  • Little ballerina racing around madly while 6ft+ glides gracefully around
  • The prima donna showing off her bling bling after the marriage scene
  • The throwing of the bridal boquet, and 6ft+ happy catcher leaping off in a twirl 5'6' sulking off in a hunched back and stomping feet

Friday, October 07, 2005

Breaking news!

Eva’s found something else within the complex and within budget, called the Agent, and he’s advised that he’ll get back to us tomorrow morning to arrange a viewing later next week.

As it happens, the apartment is almost directly upstairs, so what’s Eva do? Take a run up to try and gauge where it is. Supposedly, it’s in a corner with 4 doors right next to one another.

I just wonder how you fit 4 doors right next to one another and expect the apartments to be of descent size… The mind boggles! I spose we’ll just have to wait till we see!

Not quite big enough

With reference to my previous entry It's time. I took some time off on Thursday to take a bit of a looksee with Eva at the apartment upstairs in the Northern section of our building, just as well because there wasn't going to be any Saturday opening.

Eva & I were full of anticipation and were eager to 1. Meet our property manager, and 2. Take a look at the apartment.

But alas, we 1st met the Evil property manager not the one we were hoping for, and 2nd the apartment was about half the size of our current digs, and in the end, couldn't even find the car space which would've been the sealer as some of the spaces give you a little room to store some stuff.

Amazingly still, I think Eva was told that the apartment had views, but when we looked, the only view I could see was the apartment block across the road!

Never mind, it's back to looking again. It only took us 3 weeks to find the current digs.

Not so sure if this is true...

But definitely depends on who you speak to

You Are a Martini

There's no other way to say it: you're a total lush.
You hold your liquor well, and you hold a lot of it!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Night Noodle Art

Last thursday we went out to the Night noodle markets with some friends from work

We enjoyed Mussels cooked in White Wine from Bungalow 8, Chicken Spicy Noodles from Yai Noodles, Ginger Chicken Udon from Wagamama, Salt and Pepper Squid Tentacles and Peking Duck Wrapper from Zilver, Mini Pancakes one with maple syrup and Bananas the other with strawberries and chocolate fudge sauce.

But my favourite is the Mussels from Bungalow 8 they are soo good that we will be attending their All you can Eat Mussels & Chunky Chips on Tuesday Night! (after i get paid)

After gorging on all that food we wandered down to enjoy the outdoor artwork. Using them we had a bit of fun :)

Steph working as a hair dresser

Eva pushing hot guy off the bed

Pep getting a Knockout

Elizabeth turning on the last light

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Just updated our Flickr account, and just realised with the "freebee account" you only get to upload 200 images, and that's exactly what I've just uploaded in the past hour or so.

Looks like I'll have to cough up some cash to get direct access to the old photos it seems :O(

It's not that much of a loss, the AU$ to the US$ is a little healthier than it's been of late, so the divide between the two currencies isn't so wide...

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

It's time!

The Day after moving in April 2004After 18 months we've decided it's time to relocate to larger digs.

I think the last straw was Eva's latest purchase, The New Tank the other month, all 130 litres of it, now we are beginning to struggle for space.

Eva's sent the email off to the property manager, and Eva's booked in for Thursday morning to check out the apartment with a view, and then again on Saturday for the pair of us to check it out.

Sorry, no photo's yet, but I'm sure Eva will snap some to share on Thursday. The featured photo is the day after we moved in 18 months ago.

Now that I've dug up the photo from "The day after" moving in here, it doesn't look too different, just a little more organised, and more furniture. Scary thing is, Eva's already plotting for more! And we haven't even moved yet!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

There are no fish to Fish!

Today we hired a butt ('boat' Nemo talk) and went out with William, Elenanor and Winston to fish for our dinner. We chose to hire a boat from Cronulla Houseboats and Boat hire and it was quite cheap! And the service was very good! :) All up about $100 bucks for the 5 of us :)

But the fishing was a disaster. We got the smallest critters! Better off in a fishtank than on a dinner plate.

Steph was the last to catch something. Will caught a weird snake looking fish, Winston caught a baby bream and i caught a flounder. But the day was great and the scenery was divine. all in all a day well spent. Oh one thing we did catch... Steph has pink sunburnt arms :P