Thursday, September 29, 2005

What a bargain!

Steph and I are going fishing on Saturday! The BOM predicts a sunny 28 degrees, so being concious of the deadly sun rays we popped into Kmart to get a sunhat.

At first steph chose one. I asked if i could have one too and he said "No, you already have one (i dont) and you will overspend my budget" *Eva pouts* but we went to a check point to check the price of the other stuff and it turns out that the hat was only $0.75 cents!!! Steph was taken aback!

I smiled and asked if i could have one... we raced back to the hat stand and i chose another straw hat with a black band. Mine was $0.04 cents!!! Bargain! I am so proud of myself. Steph thinks he has the better hat, starting at $14.99 down to 0.75cents but mine was cheaper starting off at $4.95 down to $0.04.

And if the wind blows them off? who cares :) The pleasure is in the hunt and the catching

Even the checkout chick was surprised!

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