Saturday, September 10, 2005

FoodBlog - Chicken Leek Pie

Leeks were on special last night 3 for 2 bucks!!! I got really big ones too! So with all that leek what to make??? I know Chicken Leek Pie!

So to make it! The ingredients you need are:
• Leeks • Chicken • Mushroom • Onion • Herbs • White Sauce • Chicken Stock • Puff Pastry • 1 Egg

Chop the leeks and quarter them through the core, wash and drain. Leeks are dirty veggies so its important to chop it up and clean! Loads of dirt can be found between the layers.
Cube the chicken 1.5 cm cubes, more chicken to spread around! I used a breast and 2 thighs for this amount (only because I had buckets of leek to use!)
Slice the mushrooms. don't clean them they taste good just as they are :)
Chop the onion into wedges. I hate chopping onions! But I found the best way is to cut off the tops peel them. Then slice into the onion down the centre but not through the core, then turn 90 degrees and slice again, until you get all the wedges then chop the bottom off! Doing them quickly also helps.

Then to cook

First sweat the onions and when they go soft throw in the chicken, and brown all over. Set aside. In the same pan (who needs more washing up!!!) sweat the leeks until they are nice and soft, add the mushrooms in, and any herbs you like... I used Thyme and some mixed herbs. When that's all soft, set that aside too. Allow it to drain.

Make white sauce. I'm never good at this. In a new pot, you're suppose to melt the butter, stir in some flour and then pour in milk gradually, stirring constantly. I forget to stir, I don't wait long enough. I stir too fast, and burn myself. I let it boil. I make a mess. So I cheat. I use the potato masher. And I use the sieve at the end (shh! dont tell steph!, he'll tar and feather me!!!) but if you do a great white sauce you will have a nice thick "stuffing" for the pie.

On that note what do you call the insides of a pie? "Stuffing" Gooey insides? hrm! Suggestions?

Back to the pie. So mixing can now start. In the big pot with all your leek, add the chicken and the white sauce. Stir to mix it all up. Then spoon into your casserole dishes. I had enough to make a small casserole and a big one. Brush some beaten egg over the edges of the casserole dishes where the puff pastry is doing to stick. Then lay it down over the pie and brush the top with more beaten egg. Bung into the oven, at 200*c until the pastry is golden brown.

Bring out. Cut up and serve!

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