Sunday, September 11, 2005

Cabramatta - Food and 2 dolla Shops

Its the Moon festival this weekend. Celebrated my most asian countries its a festival to celebrate with families reunions, sharing moon cakes and joining in the lantern festival.

Cabramatta was having a big moon festival and Andrew/Kathleen Steph and myself decided to go out and see (safety in numbers of course)

What we experienced was amazing!!! food stalls everywhere, they had blocked off streets for stalls and children running everywhere, every 2nd shop was a fabric shops, a 2 dollar shop or a bridal shop!

Some points of notice where:
• The garish toys available
• The 2 dollar shops that sold mostly thongs, undies, BRAS! and facewash towels
• The Food!
• The buddist Monk that thrust a empty jar under andrew sauce bag as he began to pour it out
• The egg custard making contraption
• The kids, prams
• The rice rockets tho they were soo beefed up they were more like Fried Rice Rockets
• The fluffy grey and brown chook
For visuals (pictures) click here

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