Thursday, September 29, 2005

What a bargain!

Steph and I are going fishing on Saturday! The BOM predicts a sunny 28 degrees, so being concious of the deadly sun rays we popped into Kmart to get a sunhat.

At first steph chose one. I asked if i could have one too and he said "No, you already have one (i dont) and you will overspend my budget" *Eva pouts* but we went to a check point to check the price of the other stuff and it turns out that the hat was only $0.75 cents!!! Steph was taken aback!

I smiled and asked if i could have one... we raced back to the hat stand and i chose another straw hat with a black band. Mine was $0.04 cents!!! Bargain! I am so proud of myself. Steph thinks he has the better hat, starting at $14.99 down to 0.75cents but mine was cheaper starting off at $4.95 down to $0.04.

And if the wind blows them off? who cares :) The pleasure is in the hunt and the catching

Even the checkout chick was surprised!

Bad policeman!

Driving to Broadway tonight to get our tackle and hats, we saw four policemen in navy jump suits about to cross the road in front of us.

The lane ahead was clogged up but that didnt stop a van from zooming up to merge in on us up ahead. Steph was not happy with the idea, and expressed is displeasure, rolling forward as the traffic was moving again! Just then one of the impatient p0licemen made a break for it and ran across the road! In front of us!

Bad policeman!

I shook my finger at him! Steph was watching the other policemen to make sure they weren't going to follow their crooked colleague, saw them laughing and pointing at us. Obviously they had seen my condemning finger and frown, thankfully they didn't have their pads out and jotting down our license plate...

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Halfway there...

Now that Eva has her fish tank (see spin-off blog: Eva's Fish Tank), she had this fantastic idea to stick a webcam in there.

All well and good I say, lets go get a camera, and try to get this working. After waiting for the next Computer Fair to make it's way round to Uni NSW on the weekend, we picked up a new Web Camera & 5 metres of USB Cable, and after about 3 hrs of sweat and tears last night, we now have an operational, updating webcam, just got to buy some housing for it, and then try submerging... Wait for more to come!

Image is dynamic, so with each page load, it should change

Monday, September 26, 2005

Food Blog: Lasagna Dinner

Mmmm a thick meaty sauce, creamy cheesy Bechamel Sauce and you have a divine Lasagna that put the 'angel wings' on Steph. :)

The gooey Insides - cant beat that yummy bechamel sauce

Close up - a small serving (small casserole dishes)


In a post MSG loading recovery from the night before, Eva & I were off to exchange some shelving we'd bought from IKEA as the wood had bowed and some of the shelves came with splinters, and would only get worse as time goes on.

On our way to the large items wharehouse, as you do, you have to keep an eye out on everything, but one thing that caught my was this young lady, had this bright pastel pink coloured top on, and when she turned around it kindly informed us that she was Blonde and "has a brain"... thoughts are hmmm, can't be too smart if you need to tell me...

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Importing Sniffer Dogs

Image courtesy of AQIS- Tas branch

Australia handed over a contingent of sniffer dogs to China Tuesday as part of a program to end illegal drug trafficking. See the rest of the article here

Gorgeous little labradors complete with patriotic australian doggie coats. Wagging their tails endearing themselves to their chinese handlers.

First thought: Aww how cute!!!
Second thought: I hope they dont eat them!

A old but funny story about Talc sniffing dogs

"The Chinese are the world's reigning omnivores" - Stewart Lee Allen

Cool stuff

After a little inspiration from some other blogs around, I thought I'd add a little more cool stuff to the site. I've added some of our photos from Our Flickr into the side bar on the right. Unfortunately this isn't as dynamic as I'd like, but this'll do for the moment.

I'm looking out for something that would work with Blogger, so any ideas would be great.

Thanks to Denzil's mate jaikoo for sparking the flame to get flickr images into the side bar. Not sure what he did, but it's a cool idea.

John Laws on Mark Latham & that diary

As much as I dislike John Laws, but, he has certainly summed up the whole Mark Latham Diaries fiasco up quite nicely in an interview with Kim Beazley as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald today
"The Labor Party must wish he had become a banker when he left uni instead of joining the Labor Party and becoming a wanker"

Thursday, September 15, 2005

New Term: "A Ham Sandwich"

In light of the email debacle that made its way onto the newspapers, I propose a new terms for the internet world

When you are stuck in a "reply all" email thread, you can term it as "A Ham Sandwich" and the reply all culprits can be called "Sandwich Shufflers" and the whole process "
Turning it into a Ham Sandwich"

The reason for my inspiration?? I was a victim of "a ham sandwich" thanks to a close friend of mine and her chirpy colleagues :)

Worth mentioning: Welded correctly a ham sandwich can be a weapon of defense: click here

Monday, September 12, 2005

Quote for the day...

Not often that I come across something worth quoting, but reading a book from my most favorite author, Douglas Adams, Mostly Harmless (The book that gives a whole new meaning to the word Trillogy).
"Nothing travels faster than the speed of light with the possible exception of bad news, which obeys its own special laws."
There are hundreds more great quotes in the Trillogy of 5.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Cabramatta - Food and 2 dolla Shops

Its the Moon festival this weekend. Celebrated my most asian countries its a festival to celebrate with families reunions, sharing moon cakes and joining in the lantern festival.

Cabramatta was having a big moon festival and Andrew/Kathleen Steph and myself decided to go out and see (safety in numbers of course)

What we experienced was amazing!!! food stalls everywhere, they had blocked off streets for stalls and children running everywhere, every 2nd shop was a fabric shops, a 2 dollar shop or a bridal shop!

Some points of notice where:
• The garish toys available
• The 2 dollar shops that sold mostly thongs, undies, BRAS! and facewash towels
• The Food!
• The buddist Monk that thrust a empty jar under andrew sauce bag as he began to pour it out
• The egg custard making contraption
• The kids, prams
• The rice rockets tho they were soo beefed up they were more like Fried Rice Rockets
• The fluffy grey and brown chook
For visuals (pictures) click here

Saturday, September 10, 2005

FoodBlog - Chicken Leek Pie

Leeks were on special last night 3 for 2 bucks!!! I got really big ones too! So with all that leek what to make??? I know Chicken Leek Pie!

So to make it! The ingredients you need are:
• Leeks • Chicken • Mushroom • Onion • Herbs • White Sauce • Chicken Stock • Puff Pastry • 1 Egg

Chop the leeks and quarter them through the core, wash and drain. Leeks are dirty veggies so its important to chop it up and clean! Loads of dirt can be found between the layers.
Cube the chicken 1.5 cm cubes, more chicken to spread around! I used a breast and 2 thighs for this amount (only because I had buckets of leek to use!)
Slice the mushrooms. don't clean them they taste good just as they are :)
Chop the onion into wedges. I hate chopping onions! But I found the best way is to cut off the tops peel them. Then slice into the onion down the centre but not through the core, then turn 90 degrees and slice again, until you get all the wedges then chop the bottom off! Doing them quickly also helps.

Then to cook

First sweat the onions and when they go soft throw in the chicken, and brown all over. Set aside. In the same pan (who needs more washing up!!!) sweat the leeks until they are nice and soft, add the mushrooms in, and any herbs you like... I used Thyme and some mixed herbs. When that's all soft, set that aside too. Allow it to drain.

Make white sauce. I'm never good at this. In a new pot, you're suppose to melt the butter, stir in some flour and then pour in milk gradually, stirring constantly. I forget to stir, I don't wait long enough. I stir too fast, and burn myself. I let it boil. I make a mess. So I cheat. I use the potato masher. And I use the sieve at the end (shh! dont tell steph!, he'll tar and feather me!!!) but if you do a great white sauce you will have a nice thick "stuffing" for the pie.

On that note what do you call the insides of a pie? "Stuffing" Gooey insides? hrm! Suggestions?

Back to the pie. So mixing can now start. In the big pot with all your leek, add the chicken and the white sauce. Stir to mix it all up. Then spoon into your casserole dishes. I had enough to make a small casserole and a big one. Brush some beaten egg over the edges of the casserole dishes where the puff pastry is doing to stick. Then lay it down over the pie and brush the top with more beaten egg. Bung into the oven, at 200*c until the pastry is golden brown.

Bring out. Cut up and serve!

Friday, September 09, 2005

Bored again

Checking the stats on the site, I was checking out the Referring urls and stumble accross this blog. Definitely a site for sore eyes :O)


Checking my last entry, I've noticed I've been spammed by some goon.

Sorry to anyone that wants to post a comment, but I've turned "Show word verification for comments" on to spare us the indignity of advertising Herbal Viagra amongst other things.

I quite enjoy comments, but I draw a line at advertising.

Same Blog, new skin

A change is as good as a holiday they say...

So from this...

To what your see, hope you like it...

I wonder if Eva will.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Just what you need, when you REALLY need to go...

Whilst I was hunting for the local Medicare office, I managed to find this little gem: The National Public Toilet Map on the Sensis site, listed under their "case studies".

I only found this because the mapping solution on the Medicare site was quite lacking.

Boredom does uncover some of the strangest things... this would have to be one of the more useful.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Steam Boat Dinner

It had been a while since we've seen our friend across the bridge! But 3 weeks!!! its too long! Kathleen and I were going through over-eating withdrawals! so STEAMBOAT!
A quick whip around and later that night we had a feast fit for a king!!! or 4 very hungry people :)

We had prawns, fish balls. mushroom balls, fish fillets, chicken, pork, mushrooms, tofu, rice noodles, shitake mushrooms, vegetables.... it wasd delicious!!!!