Thursday, August 18, 2005

SPAM: Hershey's or Ghiradelli Chocolate?

for the last month or so Ive been getting spam emails on my work email - one or two a day, nothing to get pissed off about. but today I decided to right click on the email and view the source... track down a url and hand it out to some geek army to storm and crash... instead i get some geeks update log of his RPG (Role Playing Game) development!

ive cut and pasted some of the crap below - its amusing, the guys moaning about needing a life because hes typing up a walkthrough but hes attached his update log to a spam!!!

! bloops... did Elementalist too.. I'm bored. Someone make me get a life.Anyway, playing character now up to Abaddon's mouth, hopefully I will get themaps for those done by Tuesday, as well as a more specific set of directions inthe main walkthrough.
7-2-05 All the armors finally done. Hoping to at least do some monk skillstoday, maybe some maps, too.
7-6-05 - Not much work on missions, skills are taking a lot longer than I hadanticipated. Finished the monk skills... aside from where to get them, I'll bedoing that probably all night. Damnit. Damnit.
7-7-05 - Well, that's out of the way. I have no intention of setting a timetable to when I'll have skills for other classes done. Other than monks, mostof my experience is with Mesmer's, so I'm sure I'll do that one soon. Maybe Ican talk someone into writing the other ones, hmmm.
What is he thinking? Hes hitching a ride on a spam mail train! Thats parasite on parasite!!! Or is this a new form of advertising, targeting the geeks? Will we have Spam mail for Viagra and the underlying code be for Contraception?

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