Sunday, August 14, 2005

Food Blog: Veal Stew and Apple Tarte Tatin

Firstly I didn't realize veal was so expensive!

oh well

this recipe was taken out of the Gourmet Travelers Magazines that Vodafone so kindly gave me as a gift... Not sure what for but hey ill take it anyway!

Veal and Vegetable Stew
2 Eggplants, 2 Capsiucm, 4 cloves Garlic, 12 pickling Onions, 2 punnets Cheery Tomatoes, 1 kg Veal, 1/2 cup white wine, 1 1/2 Tbs tomato paste, oregano, marjoram, parsley.

chop up all the vegetable and cook in a pan until soften
brown the veal, add the herbs, season with salt and pepper, add veggies then the white wine and tomato paste and a bit of water. heat until boiling then chuck into a 180C oven for 1.5 hrs. and it looks like the stew below.

Verdict: needed a bit more salt(I got tired of holding the salt grinder above a boiling pot) and a bit of cornflour to thicken the sauce. It was very tender, and passed Steph Tastebuds too!!!

Then for dessert Tarte Tatin.
This is a classic French dessert and 'Tatre Tatin" means Upside-Down Carmelized Apple Tart. Its even has its own website! however has an article describing various stories that were the origins of this delicious pie. My favorite and the authors too was that one of the 2 Tatin Sisters was late because she was busy flirting with the hunters and she ran into the kitchen, threw the apples, butter and sugar in a pan and then forgot as she help with the other duties. The odor of caramel filled the kitchen, Stephanie realized she'd forgotten the apple tart, so she decides to put the pastry on top of the apples, pops the pan in the stove to brown and then turns it upside down to serve.

So to make your own Tatre Tatin
Peel, core and quater 5 apples. Golden Delicious was called for here but i dont think the apple type really matters.

Make the carmel sauce (bring to boil 1.4cup water and 175g sugar, add butter then bring to a strong boil while stirring, when it begins to brown slow the heat down and continue to stir until golden caramel. and then pour it into your pie dish then place your sliced apples wedges on top, smother with melted butter and bake that for a 12mins. Bring out and put the puff pastry. Back in the oven til the pastry is golden brown then you pull it out and let it sit for 20mins so the apples can absorb the caremel.
After that you flip it upside down and it shoud look like the image above.

Serve it with cream or ice cream in steph's case.


Debra said...

Bonjour Eva,
I'm Debra from, I just wanted to say that your tart looks delcious I hope it tasted that way too. Just FYI, most recipes call for Golden Delicious because that is the most common apple used in France for their tarts. Which ones did you decide to use?
amities, Debra

Eva said...
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Eva said...

Hello Debra! The recipe asked for golden delicious so I followed instructions as desserts recipes are best to be obeyed!

Normally I would have used Granny Smiths but I reckon it would be a bit too tart and not blend too well with the caramel.

I did have problems with it setting. Should you let it cool down completely before turning upside down? I kinda couldn’t wait :P and the result was the caramel leaking out and turning into the sauce rather than holding the tatin together.

I was worried that if it set completely the caramel would be stuck to the base of the dish.

Any suggestions?

The 2nd trial was much better. And It’s not that hard to make! I think it’s easier than apple crumble to be honest!

Debra said...

Rebonjour Eva,
Actually, I'm like you and usually can't wait. I like the caramel kind of slopping around so I can dip my finger in it! Anyway I think you're right about letting it cool down completely it would stick. Unless you have a really well seasoned cast iron pan.