Thursday, July 07, 2005

When IT support becomes a game...

Had a call from a rather perplexed, yet happy young lady this evening after nearly 10 hrs on the job.

Conversation went a little like this:
AEU: Hi, I've run out of space in Notes and can't remember the word you use to make my capacity smaller
Steph: Would "compact" be the word?
AEU: Yeah! thats it... They did that for me last time this happened, don't tell me how to do it, I remember!! (almost like she was beating her chest or something... Tarzan imagery required).
Steph: Ok... I won't tell you
AEU: ummm... ahhh... umm... workspace, errr
Steph: Are you sure you don't want me to tell you how it's done??
AEU: Yeah... ok
Steph: Blah blah blah... fix fix fix
AEU: waaah! You so good lah! (or words to that effect).
Maybe it's just me, or is IT a Sport or something?? Maybe it's just time to go home! 10 hrs too long!

Over and out!!

AEU = Affected End User

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