Saturday, July 02, 2005

The Good Food Show @ Darling Harbour

Steph and I have just returned from the Good Food and Wine show at Sydney Exhibition Centre

Together with a gazillion people we sampled Food, Wine and Beer, it was cramped, it was crowded but we had a wonderful time!

A few of the highlights

  • The wine from Beelega their White Shiraz was delicious!
  • Cab Sav from Angroves Long Row range – very smooth and drinkable there and then
  • Beez Neez – honey flavoured beer – for a girl that doesn’t drink beer this one was edible!
  • The cocktail show by Woody White Velveteen with vodka, frangelico white cranberry juice and lime  bloody fantastick
At this point I would like to mention that Steph and Eva got rather tipsy…
  • Running into Chris and Rob – Chris had dye her hair a lovely autumn shade, and it was a pleasant surprise seeing them there too!
  • The pickled onions with dried chilli - My mouth was on fire!
  • The sakata stand – the snooty crackers are very yum!
  • Mersey Valley sharp and crumbly Cheese Classic – so yum!
  • Cheese! Cheese! Cheese!
  • Jelly Bean Stall
  • Donna Hay Stand
  • Pizza Performace (tho we missed most of this as we were hunting down alchol.

We came back with so many showbags, and the goodies can be seen below.

<-- Stephs favourite was the sushi show bag

Mine would have to be the MasterFoods Showbag

Other showbags we got included

Tasmanian Heritage ShowBag - one of the more $$$ ones but gotta support Tassie!!!

Good Taste Showbag This had the spray on Olive oil (something ill never Buy on my own)

McCormick Showbag - i got some dinky icing stuff in this... god knows why!!!

Ayam ShowBag - with curry powder, oyster sauce, a groovy pen and a receipe book (this one was the cheapest @ $5)

At this point I would like to point out that when I'm Tipsy i have no control over my wallet!!!

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