Thursday, July 21, 2005

Aroma Coffee Festival 2005

Its on!!! This Sunday!! Everyone forget beer and wine! its all lattes and expresso.

The annual Sydney Coffee Festival is on!!!

The largest coffee festival in the Southern Hemisphere makes its home in The Rocks once more. In its eight year, coffee lovers flock to The Rocks for its annual Aroma Coffee Festival to celebrate all things about the bean.

Coffees for $1 buck!!!! I managed 6 coffees!!! how many can you take?

How do you have your coffee? I always have a extra strong latte with 2 sugars. I find that a regular latte is just flavoured milk for me. But the $$ for the extra shot makes caffine hits very expensive. But if you are yawning ever 3 minutes, you have no choice but to dose up!

Unfortunately Steph doesnt drink coffee, so taking him along would be akin to him dragging me through a Computer server shop. But hes lucky, this weekend I'll be in Tassie visiting family.

For more information go to the Rocks Website

1 comment:

ADB said...

Damn! We'll be busy moving. That's the second year running I've missed it.

Ah well, maybe that's not such a bad thing. Just think of the caffeine headaches after all the samples...