Sunday, July 03, 2005

And to top off a great foodie weekend

We enjoyed a dinner with friends at Thai-riffic on Blues Point Road in North Sydney!

Organized by my favourites, Pep and Nisara, we enjoyed contemporary Thai cuisine in a gorgeously and very tasteful atmosphere.

We cracked open one of our bottles from McLaren Vale, the 2003 FoxCreek Grenache Shiraz which was perfect compliment with the spicy exotic food. I even got to see some of the ex-pats from work!

But it was not all fun and games. I had to sing for my supper, and Pep had asked me to write some copy for the restaurant...

so here it is...
"Come and sip Martinis in the Jungle…

Classic and sensual, the smooth, mood-lit surroundings are full of promises and sultry secrets, mixed with sleek d├ęcor and natural perfumes. Using pure and untouched flavours, with warm purring spices, let us sweep you away, let us tantalize your senses… Stir up your passions. Rejuvenate your wild side. Join us. Our offerings are bountiful and tempting. We await your presence, our patience is boundless..."

what do you guys thinks? Im pretty stoked I came up with that!

The food is top-knotch the wrapped chicken and its honey glaze sauce is "ta die for"! As is its curries and BBQ beef. if i get some photos i will post up. :D

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