Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Not really interested... But I'll give it a go!

Including Real Estate Agents & AMEX sales people, I'd rate the Recruitment Consultant to be up there in this elite group of the most irritating.

I've been yet again contacted about my experience in using Computer Associates product group called UniCenter, strange as it may seem, I know a fair bit about the application group as I've used the help desk component, UniCenter Service Desk.

Once again I explained my experience with the product range and that I wasn't really interested I now appear to have myself an interview for a job in a NOC Shop, better known as a Network Control Centre. Normally I'd be most happy for a permanent role, but this is out in North Ryde.

Oh well, the worst that could happen is I get the job, should this happen, I have the hard decision to make; whether it's worth commuting out to North Ryde every day or not.

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