Friday, June 10, 2005

hi from adelaide

Eva reporting from a very wet Adelaide!

The flight was okay, i slept for most of it, I have to mention that there is definelty an advantage with checking in late. We got seats in the middle, we didnt have to wait around, and our luggage came out first of the carousel!

But after only 4.5 hrs sleep the conviencne did not have that same emphasis.

I met Pippa, Mandy had grown up and had turned into a lovely dog. Penny was tottering around. and Missy was no where in sight. Steph's Mum greeted us, was lovley to see her again, and after serving us a delicious breakfast we all went back to sleep again :) (BRING ON THE HOLIDAYS!)

Waking up around 3pm, Steph had already gone off to catch up with his mate Matt, (we had bought over a dozen Krispy Kremes for them (Steph told me that they had drove from Canberra to Sydney just for these... Talk about Dedication!)

And easy night in with dogs wandering back and forth under the table before passing out in front of a very warm wood fire.

Day two
Yup im on holidays! after getting up around 11am ^___^ we drove down to the city with one purpose in mind... Haighs Chocolate... mmm

Steph as a happy boy, quickly grabbing a basket and filling it up with goodies. But we did see a celebrity, well Steph noticed him first... i was to distracted by the chocolate. Lindsay Fox, owner of Lin Fox Transport was there buying chocolates. He was rather big and bald and i heard him bellow "Do you have hard centred chocolate?" I thought he was a bit loud but found the freckles and promptly forgot all about him. Prioirties Eva Priorities!

Then i did a bad thing. I ripped the strap off of my handbag.... BUGGA! and my handbag supply is back in sydney! But a resourceful girl knows where the sales are and armed with a keycard, I was able to get a rather nice tan cordroy handbag for $10 bucks (yes it matches my jacket)

We also went to omega foods, this greek warehouse with a bain-marie full of olives and fetta. we tried the chilli cheese.. it was a lot smoother than the stuff in sydney... went ooh over the caterers packs of al-foil, glad-wrap and baking paper, admired the 2kg bags of spices... and stared puzzledly at the pickles.

will post some pics of the doggies when i get back!

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