Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Any sharper...

(In a meeting)

S: Where's Harry? Should Harry be in this?
A: Yeah, Harry needs to be here...
A2: He's outside, on the phone still... He must be talking to that girl he spoke to last night where he asked "Are we still on for tonight?" and we all went Oooh!!!
A: Oh yeah... Hes been on the phone for hours!!!
C: Hope he's getting his moneys worth...

One day my tongue will get me into trouble that i wont be able to fish myself out of

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Not really interested... But I'll give it a go!

Including Real Estate Agents & AMEX sales people, I'd rate the Recruitment Consultant to be up there in this elite group of the most irritating.

I've been yet again contacted about my experience in using Computer Associates product group called UniCenter, strange as it may seem, I know a fair bit about the application group as I've used the help desk component, UniCenter Service Desk.

Once again I explained my experience with the product range and that I wasn't really interested I now appear to have myself an interview for a job in a NOC Shop, better known as a Network Control Centre. Normally I'd be most happy for a permanent role, but this is out in North Ryde.

Oh well, the worst that could happen is I get the job, should this happen, I have the hard decision to make; whether it's worth commuting out to North Ryde every day or not.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Its in!

Its Hot! and its in my Hands!

Released today! SingStar Pop now sits proudly besides the other singstar games
on the CD are songs from Delta, Robbie, Kylie, Stepphen Wolf, and classic Sister Sledge

But steph wont let me play. I have to wait for Kathleen to come over :P

Monday, June 20, 2005

Email, A view without windows

Speaking with a client on the phone this morning and was having some problems with his mail, which is not unlike allot of people, but what set this guy apart from everyone else was his analogy on our reliance on email...

He likened Email to: "having a mistress that you have to keep feeding, if you don't pay enough attention, it gets out of control"
Interesting view on email, pity he wasn't using outlook then it would've been easy for me to fix.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Shopping Trolley

We got our first shopping trolley!

After seeing Steph's Dad put it into action in Adeliade it was time!

We splurged out and got the largest one, I manage to wrangle some money off it too. and we rolled our new purchase out to be filled with produce at Paddy's Market.

On our way there we pass a car mod stall and ideas formed in my head - What if....

we stuck a BMW logo on the front?
Alloy wheels?
Seatbelt covers?
Dangle things?

I ran some of these ideas passed Andrew (who we met at the secret parking spot) and Steph.

Andrew chuckeld and his comment was "Inside every chinese there's a rice rocket, waiting to burst out"

but its still a cool idea hey?

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Just when it couldn't get any worse...

You learn that a ring tone become a number one chart topping abomination. I spose it would only happen in the UK, but the "Crazy Frog" is nothing short of annoying! I have friends that are seriously considering giving up their Foxtel because of this ringtone.

I'm thinking it's time to change the ringtone and get something new, so any suggestions and a place to get my hands on it for free, please leave a comment.

I spose one positive comes of this abomination is the "Hate that Crazy Frog Ringtone" game. Follow the link and enjoy!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Some photos from Adelaide

Some photos from McLaren Vale & at my parents place in Adelaide

Click Me

We're Back!!!!!!

grateful after a long flight and jumping for joy...

fast internet again!

Monday, June 13, 2005

Mandy Fell off the couch


she jumped up and seperated Steph and me, then proceeded to push my legs off the sofa by jamming her legs up against the back of the sofa and stretching.

My legs eventually moved to rest on top of the coffee table and then Mandy stretched again.

legs in the air she fell!

it was rather comical, she lay on the floor, pretending that it was all part of the process. Steph did a mild panic and checked for sore bones but im sure only her diginity was bruised.

Five minutes later she was playing Tug of War with Franko so all was okay! :)

Here are some photos of the adorable animals that fill the Milbank House

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Saturday, June 11, 2005

The McLaren Vale

Today Steph, and Ian took me to the McLaren Vale winerys. It took us 1 ½ hrs to get there. The scenery tho brown was still very peaceful

We got to the visitors centre and obtained ourselves a map and begain to plan…

Sitting down in a lovely café for a spot of lunch and a boardroom for our stragetic manouverings, Steph and Ian had Soup of the Day with Crusty Bread, and I had butter chicken. After feeding our stomachs (I had been feeding mine all day with these yummy Paradise Soy and Lindseed crackers) we planned, Ian knew most of the wineries around so we were able to go to all the good ones.

The First one we drove to was Fox Creek
Here the Verdelho (Steph) was very yummy and so was the Shiraz Grenache (Eva) We bought a bottle of each. The shiraz was very fresh. With a clean crisp finish.

But the show was stolen by the dogs that greeted us. There was one called Pip who ran out to meet us. Now she was a mixed bag. She had coffee brown legs and face and a top coat of spotty black and white! The other was Shadow a beautiful Boarder Collie.

But leaving there was such a dilemma! After storing our purchases in the boot and getting in the car Pip stood by watching us, escorting us out. As soon as we hit the road Steph stepped on it and to our surprise the Pip followed us down the road!

We were about 200m from the arterial road when we worried but a car heading the opposite direction distracted her and lead her back home! Phew!

The second winery we went to was Tyrells but they didn’t do cellar sales so we ignored that.

The third was called Wirra Wirra. Now this had a gorgeous house thingy that would be perfect for catering a big party. We didn’t like the wine as much, but the surroundings were pretty imressive!!! We bought a bottle of the Sexton’s Acre Unwooded Chardonnay. The Shiraz was their signature wine and that was very nice!!! So smooth and very flavoursome. But at $46 bucks a bottle, it was a taster not a taker! :)

At this point Steph and Ian found out that if Eva liked the wine she was tasting she was going to drink the lot! After leaving Wirra Wirra, I was feeling a bit tipsy. Very happy and somewhat comical. But Wirra Wirra had this amazing fence, made from big tree trunks and big branches bored into them! Considering the size of Pip and Shadow I have to say that if you live in the McLaren Vale you must grow big!

The fourth winery was Pirramimma, It was a converted old stable that smelt rather dank, but it was a working winery... Here the wine wasn’t so crash hot. But Steph and Ian bought themselves a bottle of 12 yo liquer Port and I got hooked on their olives!

The olives in SA are sooo much better than anything in Sydney!

I freaked out the old lady there with my diagonal logic, Steph hushed me up and shooed me to the car. And off to the next vineyard!!!

Winery number 5 was d’Arenburgs. Man was this busy! Pep and Ray had given Steph a bottle of D’arenburg wine, and we tried to remember what it was called but after 4 wineries our memories were quite fuzzy!

Ian was correcting my pronunciation. (It goes down hill after a few wine tastings. I would have said De Arn-burgs but they all say Darrenburgs. Oh well I say Tomatoe they say Tomarto its still bloody good stuff!

Here we purchase the Hermit Crab and the Noble Riesling. The wines had very cool names for their wine. There was a Peppermint Paddock Sparkling Shiraz that was very Yum too! It was quite busy but we had fun tasting!

Then the final winery! Kays Brothers (be careful! this link is full of noisy man talk) Here we met the other big doggie! Sam a very big and old kelpie.
and to my joy i found the Frontignac! i bought 2 bottles of this crisp, refreshing sweet wine, and very nearly bought another 2 when i found out that they didnt make it every year! Steph bought the liqueur Muscat, "a small bottle of liquid gold!" as Ian would describe it. And we had a taste of it on saturday night... ooh was it divine!

I had so much fun with Steph and Ian and glad I went, im not much of a wine drinker but the flavours that they could get from the same type of grape or grapes was amazing!


as we drove home, the sun was setting to our left, Steph wanted to show me the glorious sunset view over the valley as we drove away, but as he turned around to mention the beautiful sight, Eva was in the back seat, head up, sound asleep. (steph said i was snoring but i wasnt!... and thats my story!)

Friday, June 10, 2005

hi from adelaide

Eva reporting from a very wet Adelaide!

The flight was okay, i slept for most of it, I have to mention that there is definelty an advantage with checking in late. We got seats in the middle, we didnt have to wait around, and our luggage came out first of the carousel!

But after only 4.5 hrs sleep the conviencne did not have that same emphasis.

I met Pippa, Mandy had grown up and had turned into a lovely dog. Penny was tottering around. and Missy was no where in sight. Steph's Mum greeted us, was lovley to see her again, and after serving us a delicious breakfast we all went back to sleep again :) (BRING ON THE HOLIDAYS!)

Waking up around 3pm, Steph had already gone off to catch up with his mate Matt, (we had bought over a dozen Krispy Kremes for them (Steph told me that they had drove from Canberra to Sydney just for these... Talk about Dedication!)

And easy night in with dogs wandering back and forth under the table before passing out in front of a very warm wood fire.

Day two
Yup im on holidays! after getting up around 11am ^___^ we drove down to the city with one purpose in mind... Haighs Chocolate... mmm

Steph as a happy boy, quickly grabbing a basket and filling it up with goodies. But we did see a celebrity, well Steph noticed him first... i was to distracted by the chocolate. Lindsay Fox, owner of Lin Fox Transport was there buying chocolates. He was rather big and bald and i heard him bellow "Do you have hard centred chocolate?" I thought he was a bit loud but found the freckles and promptly forgot all about him. Prioirties Eva Priorities!

Then i did a bad thing. I ripped the strap off of my handbag.... BUGGA! and my handbag supply is back in sydney! But a resourceful girl knows where the sales are and armed with a keycard, I was able to get a rather nice tan cordroy handbag for $10 bucks (yes it matches my jacket)

We also went to omega foods, this greek warehouse with a bain-marie full of olives and fetta. we tried the chilli cheese.. it was a lot smoother than the stuff in sydney... went ooh over the caterers packs of al-foil, glad-wrap and baking paper, admired the 2kg bags of spices... and stared puzzledly at the pickles.

will post some pics of the doggies when i get back!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Stephs 31st Birthday

We celebrated his birthday at Ju-Ju's the most wonderful place for Japanese Hot Pot dinners and as a cold winter night the Shosenabe was Perfect

The images have been uploaded to imagestation.

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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Lame excuse

After a late night finishing off a template group for work, I woke up this morning, feeling rather groggy. Thus it occured when lying in bed, Steph bounces in...
Steph: Time to get up!

Eva: Can you make me a coffee please?"

Steph: "Im a boy. I dont drink coffee"
Now is that a lame excuse or what?!?