Tuesday, March 15, 2005

This is Big Ted and I am watching you!!!

The aim of Microsoft is soft cuddly and deadly.


Microsoft have released Big Brother Ted!

Yes this Teddy is soft, cuddly and fluffy on the outside but on the inside it is armed with wires and microphones and a camera.

Its inventor Steven Bathiche claimed that the bear would help parents monitor their children while they were busy. With face recognition software, Teddy will link to your child, watching it from its position, moving its head to keep your child in focus.

With motors to move head and limbs, four microphones for audio surveillance, a speaker to communicate with your child, this added value teddy also includes a wireless connection to hook into your home network for internet access!

Its amazing how Technology has integrated itself into our lives... And Microsoft - the big momma of technology firms have gone one step further...

However as cool as the gadget is, in reality children need their parents, A teddy bear cant show love. and let me tell you if you were sitting there staring at me I wont call it love - its stalking.

Rayners comments in the SMH clipping is bring it all back down
"What children want is human contact. To condition children [to think] that a teddy bear is a talking, caring parent does not go very far towards raising someone that will later relate well with adults." "Instinctively children bond with whatever is cuddly and nice to them and talks to them. If this toy actually talks to them in familiar voices, I would be very disturbed by that"
The aim of the toy is to monitor your child when you are absent. But it has further purposes!!! We could use it for to spy on terrorist! Drop a crate of these in Iraq or Afghanistan, and watch all the teddies swing their heads toward Bin Laden!

Or closer to home!

You love your girlfriend? You want to see her day and night? Solution I love you always Teddy Bear. You can watch her sleeping at night, or even getting changed! Just warn her of the evil IR glint, and you might want to disable the swivelling head...

Big brother could get hold of the remote and terrorize little sister. Brother (Through Teddy): “I don’t like your barbies! When you go to sleep tonight I will rip their heads off and feed them to Rover”
Sister: Scream Mommy! Teddy wants to massacre my dollies!

Or even worse. Land on the remote during a passionate bout of conception and give your 4 year old an early lesson on how to make babies!

The possiblities are endless.

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