Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Sydney Train System + Rain = Incompetence

Tonight after work, with the pouring rain. I called Steph, agreed to get a roast chook for dinner. Discussed the option of being picked up, (he said No) and then to the train station to catch transport home.

For those that don't know... Sydney Train system sucks, in fact most of their public transport system is shocking. For instance today. Just add rain and wind and the train system comes to a complete grinding halt!!!

30min wait for the next train from Bondi Junction to Edgecliff. and then add insult to injury another 12 min wait at Central for the Airport Train. In total it took me 1 hour and 20 mins to get home.

However a highlight of the trip was annoying Steph who was at home with uninteresting sms.

1st sms: Finally arrived at central! another 12 mins to the next train
2nd sms: Squatting like a Chinese man
3rd sms: I'm bored
4th sms: I've read all of my magazine
5th sms: am I annoying you?
(he responded to that one) YES!
6th sms: can I drive to work now?
7th SMS: train is here!

just as well i hadn't linked my palm to my phone... or i would be flicking out sms's twice as fast and steph would probably be neurotic by the time i got home :D

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amy said...

The only things that suck more than Sydney trains are Sydney busses. ack!! why can't they get Sydney's public transportation system into order?