Thursday, March 24, 2005

Cucumber Retail


Steph and i had to run to Coles for some last minute carrots for Good Friday Dinner we are having with Pep and Nix.

While in the extremely expensive vegetable aisle I saw cucumber! Coles was selling it at $1.68 per cucumber!

Now $1.68 isnt an awful lot. But when we got a box of them for $1.00 it seemed very expensive!

I have thankfully given my share away, three girls at work are now armed with cucumbers. I know one girl is going to make cucumber sandwiches for her Good Friday outing.

Normally i would be very please with a bargin, but however in this case I felt rather disturbed. I bought my most hated vegetable, yet I had the best buy at Flemington. It was a dilemma! Should i gloat over my purchase or should i be ashamed of ignoring my food morales?

Oh well. It amused Steph. I guess thats all that counts...

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