Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Better late than never

On the weekend, we did another run to the Sydney Markets in Flemington, this time we took our long time friend Kathleen, and a new "ring in", Kevin, "Team Burton's" downstairs adopted neighbour.

After a brief stop off at a pillow factory outlet, spending up big on pillows, we made our way to Flemington. Kathleen of course is a Flemington veteran, but young Kev, he was all new to this, and was quite blown away by the whole experience, and it's still taking Kathleen a little bit of time to adjust to buying by the box load, rather than by the kilo, but after a while the pair of them got into it, and we walked away with a boot load of fresh fruit and vegies!

One thing that didn't surprise me was Eva's ability to find a bargain, but what was more surprising, it involved cucumbers this time! As most of Eva's friends know, she loathes cucumbers, and will pick them out of what she is eating if they're there, or just run a mile should some be offered some. But keeping up with Eva’s desire for a bargain, she managed to find a box of cucumbers for $1! Yes... $1. We didn't eat any, but all the same, it was a bargain!

Besides the cucumbers, we managed to get; Grapes, Rock melons, Sweet Corn, Tomatoes, Aubergine (Egg Plant), apples, oranges, garlic and lots more. The boot was chokers!

And for some, it was just all just a little too much...

On Sunday night we also did a "pot luck" dinner over at Kev's place, the theme for the night was food from Saturday's haul. I forget what everyone else made, but I made a Puttanesca Sauce, with gnocchi, which was absolutely fantastic! As I promised Sunday night, I'll put my recipe up for all. It's a reasonably simple sauce and should take about 20 minutes to cook, preparation, maybe a little longer.

Steph's Puttanesca Sauce

Tomatoes, fresh x18 chopped
Garlic, fresh 1 bulb chopped finely
Onion x3
chopped finely
Olive oil
Capers, 75g, or a couple of large tea spoons,
roughly chopped
Anchovies x12, sliced
Chilli x2 chopped

Heat oil in pot, sweat onions and garlic, add chopped tomatoes and heat till rapid boil, add capers and anchovies and reduce to a fast simmer. Add chilli to taste.

You can add parsley (Italian), but I forgot to add this time, but tastes great without!

Steph’s Gnocchi

8 potatoes
1 egg beaten
1 Tablespoon of Butter
Salt &
Pepper to taste

Boil potatoes till cooked, and refresh (cool under running water), when cool enough, peel otatoes and mash.

Melt butter and combine with Mashed potato, and then add beaten egg. Slowly combine flour with potato until it becomes a smooth paste. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Heat pot of water over stove and bring to boil, whilst waiting for water to boil roll a ball of the gnocchi dough into a snake and cut off bite size pieces then roll again to get the desired shape and place on a well floured plate so that they don't stick.

Once you have enough, drop gnocchi into boiling water and cook for about 2 - 3 minutes after they have floated. You can do this in batches, or all together.

Mix and serve with sauce.

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