Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Australian Income Tax is Suffocating

Because this is our blog I reckon this is the right place to rant.

I work my ass off, generally doing 10hrs on average per day. And finally I get a pay rise!

Hooray! You would have heard me say! All those long hours, putting my hand up to do more, my own initiative have paid off.

Happily I run off to tell the family the news, thinking finally I can look forward to a better future in which I can save for the home/car/holiday.

But then the big society bully of a government walks in.

The government takes 50% of my pay rise as income tax!

Wait one bloody minute...

I want to be able to move forward in this world. I want to save and invest some money for my golden years.

The government takes 1/3 of my pay packet in tax!

Okay I have a HECs Debt; I am willing to pay back. The government takes that out automatically, but even if I didn’t have THEY would still be taking 1/4 of my paypacket

It’s no wonder why young Australians are leaving home to find work overseas. How else can you get that sum of money to put a deposit on that home to start that family? Oh i forgot, be born with a silver spoon, or grandparents die and you are the only interitor (but dont keep your hopes up there... they tax that stuff too.)

I tell you the government robs the hardworking and gives it to the lazy.

On that note I do have to admit that I voted Liberal in for the GST. I reckon that the lazy should pay the same level of tax as those that were hard working! Fair Go Right! Wrong!

Consumption tax has risen by 10% but income tax has only reduced by 4-5%! And this is 8 years after GST was introduced! Costello! Get your ass moving! Its simple You add tax here... you take tax OUT of there! Its not some for them and heaps for Government and a little bit for the people.

Today we have news articles that tell us the federal government is swimming in money! Well give some of it back to those who have work for it! Big fat bosun!

I feel like Cinderella working at the coal face, copping abuse with the parasite of a fat ugly sister latching its sucking tentacles on my back, and wallowing in the yield of my hard work. Sodomizing me as i put my back into it, then laughing at my pain, and dismissing my complaints as insignificant.

I want to find work overseas too. There is no fair go in Australia. None at all.

Footnote: I may have my facts wrong. If I do please drop a note and i'll amend.

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