Tuesday, January 04, 2005

A Rude awakening

Andrew and Kathleen had the most beautiful and lovely wedding, in peaceful Tasmania.

Location was perfect. Music was top notch. And even the weather behaved, well as far as it could for Tasmania.

Food was superb, gorging ourselves out on dads food then fresh cherries straight from the trees, the cleanest oysters. Yummy!

Imagine leaving that idyllic place and returning to Sydney.

Yes Rude Stinking Sydney.

After a rather turbulent flight from Hobart to Sydney (only moments of smoothness were the take off and the landing) we arrived and picked up our luggage. Then had our first taste of Sydney service. The bloody Taxi.

The taxi even had a sun faded Australian flag. We hopped in as it because was the taxi the traffic person pointed out to us. That was fine. He starts the meter and when we told him that we wanted to go to Alexandria and he gets out and questions the traffic person. While the bloody meter is running!

The traffic person ignored him and the taxi driver gets back in to the taxi in one great big shit.

Our fare cost us more than it would normally would. And I can say now that if you ever flag a taxi down and it is from Combined Groups of Luxury ignore them.

The most stupid thing is that its suppose to be a luxury service but we had such shit service I would rather a normal taxi. In fact I think I would rather pay a friend to pick us up from the airport.

At least I would be greeted in Sydney with a smile.

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