Friday, January 07, 2005

Ichiban Boshi - Oishii!

Last night we caught up with Lulu and Denzil before they leave for London and to our delight Martin and Winnie joined us at Ichiban Boshi, a yummy ramen shop in Victoria Galleries, TownHall.

This ramen shop is famous for its big bowls of home made ramen. And it’s decently priced, and so filling that the place is always packed!

Steph had a Very Hot Ramen and I had a Shio Butter Corn Ramen.

Steph was suffering the tails of a flu, so the spicy hot ramen was a godsend to his stuffy head and dripping nose.

My Shio Butter Corn Ramen was so yummy! I was a bit surprised with the big knob of butter in the bowl but it gave off such a heavenly scent I was delighted and very happy with my choice. And because I love corn, oh was there a chirpy Eva in the restaurant! It was like eating KFC Buttered corn with a big bowl of ramen!

It was Martin and Winnie’s first time at Ichiban Boshi and they loved it too! They will be Ichiban Boshi converts, now they just have to wait til it opens west. Or they will need to travel in for a ramen fix. :)

Oh and a Big Happy Birthday to Lulu! who turns 26 today! On Ya Lu!

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