Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I am S M A R T... Really!

Another one the support person's problem is dealing with the really "intelligent" people we come across from time to time.

Spoke with this guy on the phone, saying that he'd had a technician come out to install XP on his laptop, but said that he couldn't because he hadn't filled in the appropriate form, all well and good, so I provide the client with the relevant information, then he goes to say that the machine has a sticker on it saying "Designed for Windows XP", and was getting confused because we still run with NT 4.

After the client getting me confused, I asked him to start the machine up, and tell me what the start button looks like... "It's green" says Mr Smart Computer Man. Ok was my reaction trying hard not to advise him how smart he is, and to send it back, because that would be bad!

In the end I just gave up and ignored his other stupid questions and sent him to our software delivery website to try and work out what he wanted, because there was nothing further I could do to help this idiot.

Maybe one day, we’ll have “Users” that can help themselves and work these complex problems out without calling IT. A pipe dream I know!

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