Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Tomato update

My tomato plants have finally decided to grow!

The grafted tomato has definitely been the hard worker, and is growing skyward like no tomorrow as well as it producing a little fruit. And the San Marzano is producing some fruit too.

I had to move all my plants indoors today due to the expected 42° and upon my return after work, I think both tomato plants enjoyed the excursion indoors and have both grown a little taller, most notably the grafted tomato plant, who looks a little taller than it did this morning.

I'm now contemplating what I'm going to do whilst Eva & I are in Hobart for Andrew & Kathleen's wedding due to our facing due west, the courtyard heats up like a furnace in the afternoon.

Having plants is a lot like having pets, what to do…

Sydney people

In my short 10 or so months here in Sydney, I've seen a lot of selfish acts, and none more so than today, maybe I'm being a little snobbish coming from Adelaide, but, as my mother always taught me, it's always better to be polite than to be rude or inconsiderate.

This involves 2 guys and one seat for three which is empty, both entering from either ends of the carriage, and it appears that the guy that's entered from the front of the carriage has made it to the empty seat, but in comes Mr Inconsiderate, and almost "hip and shoulders" Mr "I got here first and it's my seat" out of the way. Poor Guy! Really, how rude!

I'm sitting here, and thinking, Mr Inconsiderate has raced to the front to get the window seat, but sorely no... Mr Inconsiderate turns his back on Mr "I got here first and it's my seat" without a word of, oh I'm sorry I'm reserving this seat, and looks towards the back of the carriage, and waits, whilst Mr "I got here first and it's my seat" just stands there and looks totally stunned, and counts his losses and goes and finds another seat.

This doesn't end here, then there is a flow of women, not one, not two but three of them. Obviously nothing else matters than these three women, which I originally thought were his three Indian brides, but they all looked related and that would just be totally wrong.

I just feel sorry for the poor guy that lost out, because he then had to sit next to some old smelly person in the end.

Oh well. my 2 cents worth.

Typical Support call here at work...

There are times when it gets hard not to be condescending to some of my fellow collegues that I provide support to, but when you get a dumb question, like below, It's rather hard not to make it sound like it...
Client had a query about using myIT* to install some fonts on his system.

Talked client through and pointed him to the "harmony fonts" item under "h" which is what he was looking for.

Also suggested that he can use the search field on the left hand side of the screen.

Who said that IT wasn't a challenge... Just more so for some *GRIN*

*myIT is our system for making a work request, i.e. Software installs etc

Friday, November 26, 2004

Yum Cha to its basic level

We are staying at my grandma's old apartment, its a tiny 2 bedroom apartment, with rooms i would call king single room (smaller than double) anyway nearby is a shopping arcade with a market place, shops, 2 restaurants and a few bakeries. And Yumcha is a intersting treat - there aren't ladies to bring trolleys around instead its like old Sizzler Restuarants, you take your card up and grab a tray and pick the goodies you desire.

If you run out of hot water and your teapot needs a refill you take your pot to the station and fill it yourself!.

But most of all i cant get over the number of elders people, Angela my little cousin calls yumcha restaurant old peoples homes. Im not joking. Sydney yumcha you see a sea of black haired people, Hong Kong its a sea of white and grey, and occasional patches of liver spotted flesh.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Leaflets in Chinese

Commercialism means receiving the Joys of getting pamphlets and leaflets thrown at you. It was something about her green tea jelly (but it looked brown) that was good and healthy for you. I told her "I can't read it! " and tried to brush her off, but she persisted. "Take one miss" Take one!" She chased me for 3 metres... Talk about determination!

Pushy Sales people

After the epsode with the Waterbottle, I was to find a new handbag. we stepped into Wing On, this shopping center, kinda like Myers and had a browse.

There are many more strange designs for handbags here, thus more to look and stare at. But i warn you. DO NOT STARE TOO LONG for sales people come over. and pushy they are. she grabed me and was trying to sell me this CICO handbag which was too small and way too old and frumpy for me, and she was ranting and raving of which i only understood 60% while looking for mum to extract me from this evil woman's clutches. we told her that i was just looking and i didnt need the lipstick case and the mmembership to ther store card. but she kept ranting on. i wandered off letting mum deal with her and had a look then saw 3 other sales people make their way towards me, i felt like a deer with a pack of hungry wolves surrounding me,

Thankfully the lady ran to get another handbag for us and we make our escape.

Note to self: Talk english at shopping sales assistants.

Also in that same store there was this jacket mum saw. Mum asked me what i thought. i told her it reminded me of old faded carpet in old unrenovated homes, but with glitter sprinkled all over it. The sales person heard me (i did whisper!) and rebutted me "not old fashion not at all!" we giggled and moved away to admired some sequin number on the other rack. Just then a grandma did pick up the carpet jacket and go gush ooh ahh all over it. put it on and declared it wonderful and purchased it.

i guess it goes to say taste is unique. and somewhat strange.

The dodgy waterbottle

HK you cannot drink the tap water! if you idea of a holiday is to spend it in bed throwing up by all means go ahead, consume to your hearts desire.

So you need to take a bottle of water around. I have been carrying one around for 3 days, and today mum asked for a sip. Sure, hand it over - she takes a drink and hands it back. Continue shopping. Next thing i know is i develop a wet patch on my bum, hrm air con water must have dripped on me... brush it off, ooh big patch. feel the bag DRENCHED! The water bottle had leaked all through my bag. We stepped into the bank to change some AUD to HKD and i dripped my way over to a visitors chair and to pull all my stuff out and dry it. Mum claimed that the waterbottle was faulty, i mentioned that i had used the same bottle for the last 2 days and i hadnt had the problem then told mum she owed me a handbag. Auntie Ming rang, and told mum that Eva was just looking for an excuse for a new handbag.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

And a big thankyou to...


Thanks Matt for fixing the internet especially after he's travelled from Las Vegas to Adelaide (some 13502 km)! and just got home... I think he can now go to sleep!

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Hong Kong

Its been 7 years since ive been back....

oh btw, ive paid for the most expensive cup of flavoured milk! a Cafe au lait - aslo known as a cafe latte, is $36HKD which is about $6AUD!!! and it was foul. I remember moving from Tassie to Sydney and the coffee was shocking. here it is even worse. Begs to say that it would be worth your while learning to be a barsita here!

Hiho From HK

Hello there!!

For those that dont know I'm in HK with my mum.

Unfortuately my uncle passed away last week and im here to support mum and visit family during the next two weeks.

Today much to my mother and my amusement. When I first visited Hong Kong I had many people pull me aside and admire my red cheeks. And again today at yum cha, we sat down and ordered, when the waitress came by she mentioned to my mother "what a healthy complexion! looks like she stole some blush!!"

Mum and I laughed uproarishly, You would think that at my age I could buy the stuff!!

Monday, November 22, 2004

A belated... About time

Yes folks, it great news! Finally my dsl connection has been enabled after some 5 weeks or so! But it's not without problems, but I got my DSL so it's a start!

All just in time for me to be able get my new computer up and running too... and thats a big "about time"... Last Thursday night I managed to make my way out to retailer from whom I bought my ram, tested it this time, and was able to install Windows on Friday night with no problems *YAY*

I'm excited *Big Kev Pose*

Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Back in September I bought two types of tomato plants, one a Grafted Tomato Plant, called "Apollo 3" The other tomato plant I bought looks a lot like a Roma Tomato (Italian style), and is called "San Marzano"

After many months of watering and tender love and care, my Tomato plants have finally started producing something, and I've picked the first two tomatoes from my grafted plant, a little small, but they're great!

If only everything was that easy

Called the computer store where I bought the ram for my new machine today, and thankfully they'll exchange the ram, but I wish it was all that simple.

I also found out that after nearly 5 weeks, I "might" get my adsl connection sometime next week. I wish iiNet would give me a straight answer, because I don't have much hair left.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

You get what you pay for...

After many hours of trying to get Windows XP, 2000 and I've even tried Mandrake 10, and all have failed at various stages of installation, Windows, with stop errors of various types and at various stages of installation. Mandrake, it just won't run. It can't be the physical motherboard, new hard disk (I've even tried with an old 6gb drive I've got), cd drive (tried with 2) and the problem still persists, so I thought I'd try locating a Memory diagnostics tool, found Memtest86 and have found nothing but errors, so it looks like the ram is going back to where it came from, spend a little more for some better stuff. 1st and last time I'm going to buy cheap computer hardware!

Anyways, it's time for bed, half 2am in the morning. Over and out!

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Hi... I'm Steph errr Matthew...

Ahhh... I love the wonderful world of remote communication. I have a good close friend Matt & his wonderful wife Emma who are currently in Beverly Hills, L.A. on holiday, Matt being the Über geek that he is, had set up his Global roaming before he left, but to his amazement, it wasn't working.

So what does Matt do? Definitely not call Vodafone, but contacts me via ICQ, and asks me if I'm able call Vodafone and get them to check if Global roaming is set up correctly.

Ok, I said, always glad to help a mate, would've saved him a fair wack of cash. So I call Vodafone, and say that I'm Matthew, and quote the password for the account, and ask the girl (I forget her name, but let's call her Freda), Freda is here asking me lots of questions, and I'm here relaying them back to Matt via ICQ, thankfully he's a fast typer, otherwise this could've been ugly!

Feda is here asking me what kinda Phone I, err Matthew has and whether it's a tri-band phone, I'm here feverishly typing away asking Matt what sorta fone he has, Matt's reply was a k700i and thankfully it's a compatable phone.

At this point I really thought the game was up! only because I couldn't tell her straight off the bat that it what kinda phone it was, but I think she understood, that I was tired etc from travelling all that distance. I was also smart enough to turn the volume off on the TV & on the computer as when ever you receive an IM from ICQ, it goes "o-oh", the game would've been up if I hadn't have done that for sure!

Freda thankfully worked out what the problem was, the bars hadn't been set correctly, Freda reset them, for me... err Matt, and asked me to turn the phone off, take the sim out, and reboot the phone with the sim in, and then try and call/txt. Relayed all of this to Matt, who diligently followed my steps, sent me a txt and now the phone is working fantastically.

It did however get interesting when Freda asked me what Beverly Hills was like, I had to say, it was great, but just got off the plane and am fighting to stay awake... but it's a beautiful place :O)

I'm just glad that Freda didn't pick up what we were upto, because after every question there was a feverish amount of typing to Matt for a response. Thankfully the keyboard is kinda silent.

Matt kindly gave me a call, on his VoIP (Voice over IP) phone which he'd done a dirty hack to get to work via a vpn connection because the hotel had blocked a whole pile of ports and wasn't able to make it work normally. Modern technology, gotta love it!

So there's my excitement for the day!

Friday, November 12, 2004

Testing times

Ahhh... I love phone support and the idiots on the other end of the line. So far I've spent 1 & 3/4 hrs trying to re-install a NIC Driver on a laptop, I just wish my employer would spend the money and send our onsite techs out to fix this stuff.

A conversation that brings a smile

My lovely friend Kath, not so IT orientated so when the conversation about how Friday deluge was going it went a little something like this.

K: thanks. How are things going? crazy friday?
E: Can see light at the end of the tunnel. + playing with fish on the palm is helping
K: huh? fish?
E: Fish breeding game on the palm
K: ohhhhhhh! i thought you meant the palm of your HAND. makes sense now....

That girl makes me smile.

And we're still waiting...

DSL... is great if your ISP can get their act together and get their dslam installed ontime. Still waiting... Might be worth a phone call shortly!

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

1st Time Emailer, long time blogger.

Hi there!

Just found out I can do this via email, so here's a test to see whether it works or not.


Quote of the day

Courtesy of my good friend Dave in Adelaide on aDSL:
(09:06:32) RE: adsl is like getting a rotary
(09:06:36) RE: its all good in the beginning
(09:06:44) RE: but then you start to think it could go faster

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

DSL here we come!

Ahhh, after many weeks of waiting, and furious questioning of my new ISP, I now have "CD" displaying a solid LED on the router, and after some checking, it's part of the way there! According to my good friend Matt who set things up for me, it's a day or two away. Maybe one more phonecall, and all should be good!!

I don't normally get emotional like this, but "I'm excited!" (think of "Big Kev")

The only problem is the waiting...

Not exactly exciting, but something different

Wandering through the city at lunch today and for a change, there was no traffic running down George street, but there was a Military band playing. As I later found out, it was the Australian Army Band Sydney. They had a really good sound, crisp and on time, and much to my surprise, George Street acted as a great amplifier.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Exciting things happen in Sydney

Today after my shopping excursion and a family scare/horror. I returned home and did some TV absorption and jewellery making.

Steph started cooking his corned beef and then announced that he was going to get some broccoli and that I was to stay back and watch the pot. “Okay!” Eva chirped and continued swapping green beads for blue ones. Five minutes later, Steph returns. Wow! Quick... No

Turns out that there is a police car blocking off the driveway of the Lot 5 Carpark!

"Ooh! what are they doing there?" I ask.

"I don’t know, but we aren’t having broccoli with dinner because the Beemer is also in the Carpark."

"Okay, I’ll go and ask, shall I get you broccoli as well?"

"Yeah! Here are my keys and heres the money"

Cluck cluck cluck...

I walk over figuring that they were setting up to catch the speeders that hoon down Wyndam Street, but instead fine 2 cop cars looking all over the place! Ooh boy!

I stood there and stared the Beemer willing it to start its engine, reverse and drive out to meet me. But instead the police man asked me some questions.

Turns out someone was held up around 6 - 6:30pm!!!!

They asked if I heard anything, I did hear a muffled yelp but it sounded like some girl walking past our door with something really heavy. They asked what time and I had to think what TV program I was watching.

I’m pretty sure it was after backyard blitz, so i reckon it was 7ish. They got my Hobart address, I showed my Tassie License (my NSW has expired) and did a wide eye innocent Tassie look and said I was visiting my boyfriend who lived in the apartment!
Anyway was told I might be called to witness but he doubted it and then I was free to get my car.

A brief excursion to Broadway and a triumphant Eva returns, with broccoli and rice bubbles (Monday breakfast, yeah okay I'm a kid. So what?!)

Now I’m waiting for dinner. Which looks almost done! yay!

Dinner! Tonight we have Corned Silverside. I haven't made one of these in a while, so it's going to be interesting, but can't wait! The appartment smells great and well, it's going to taste even better once it's ready. I'm going to make a white sauce to go with it, and potatoes & Cauliflower, Broccoli. Just thinking about it, is making my mouth water in anticipation.

The Surry Hills Markets - Nov

Surry Hills Market - The most disorganised markets but the most profitable ones too.

We bought a Gazebo to protect ourselves from the sun. That took 5 of us to set up - one at each leg and Pep in the centre to fix the bits in the middle. But when set up, clothes and earrings all laid out our stall looked pretty good! See Photo.

It was Nisara and my turn to manage the stall and we did so quite happily, we had our bead boxes, chatted about work and perved at the boys, stared at some strange girls (one looked very pretty then dropped her voice by accident - we got suspicious)

Took turns to run out for food and water, but by 2:30pm we hit the plateau, and flat batteries all around.

A great example of this was the degradation of our selling techniques. When people when tried on the sample shoes.
Between 9am - 2pm - "They're handmade with leather so they will stretch, its a sample set that I brought over, to judge the market with, and if you buy them you will be the only one in Sydney with a pair of slippers like that! There is only one size so please try them on. They’re $40 bucks but you are paying for the handiwork."
After 2:pm - "$40 bucks"

Finishing at 4pm the boys came back and picked us up, and Nix and I went home and crashed with dehydration headaches. But GarageOne had had another successful selling day.

Friday, November 05, 2004

Dinnertime! Chinese Home Cooking

Tonights menu!
  • Snow Peas with Garlic Ginger (Keung Choon Chow Shuit Doaw)
  • Vermecilli braised with Dried Shrimp,zucchini and roast pork (Sui Yook Fun See Bow)
  • Fresh Strawberries and Mangos
Snowpeas were leftover from the Flemington expedition that Steph, Kathleen Elaine and myself were on 3 weeks ago. They HAD to be eaten.

But the Fun See pot was so yummy!! Dad use to do something like this for us in the restaurant. I kinda vaguly remember how he cooked it. But he used a wok and it was a much bigger plate of it too.
Har mei are those little dried shimps you can get in chinese stores. They pack a wallop! about 3 tablespoons of it, the pork and the zuchini braised in stock, and let the vermicilli absorb all the prawn, roast pork flavours! yum! Steph my guinea pig approved, but I gave him too much rice.

Then Dessert, Strawberries and Mangoes!!! woohoo!!! i got the strawberries for $1 a punnet and the mangoes for $1.95 each! at Coles of all places! But Eva being the bargin hunter watched them trying to sell them at $3.50 earlier in the week but obviously no one touched them.

what is a "tagline"?

Just found that we've been linked from our good friend "Web-Goddess", she uses an interesting phrase in her entry "What a great tagline", not exactly sure what is ment by this, so I consulted my old friend Google (using: Define: Tagline in the search field) for an answer, and found the following...

Definitions of tagline on the Web:

An identifying line of text that appears at the top or bottom of a printed page that shows the file name, page number, date, and/or time.

Offline mail readers allow you to have a "tagline" at the end of your messages. This is often a funny saying or a quote.

A short phrase used in advertising to help communicate the personality, positioning, and differentiating attributes of a brand; e.g., Nike's "Just do it!"

Offline mail readers allow you to havea "tagline" at the end of your messages. This is often a funny saying or a quote.

It all makes alot more sense now! What would we do without Google??

Pho Continued...

Whoops, we were so hungry, we forgot to take a photo first! But I promise it all looked great!

Dinner - Pho! Pho! Pho! Foe! Foe! Foe!

Got home

Had a hunger for Pho (Vietnamese beef noodles) [word Pho always reminds me of the teletubbies…] so Steph and I headed of to our favourite Pho 236 restaurant in Newtown.

Wow! Pho was busy! But there was a girl who was with a guy waving at me from the table most furthest away… A bit perplexed I waved back and asked Steph "Quick! who's that girl I waved to??" {Steph responds with a trademark blank look} Went closer and recognised the back of the a familiar head! William and Eleanor! Phew! I didnt have to do one of those embarrassing "Hi!!!! you are???" meetings. Turns out that they were just leaving after scoffing down a delicious dinner. We took over their dining table and William and Eleanor were kind enough to invite us to the new Wong's Residence. Cool eh?

But food is first!

After much deliberation we chose salt and pepper squid & crispy chicken with ginger rice! Steph will attach photo later.

It was very delicious. A bit oily with fried chicken and fried squid, but the acid in the coke cleared our throats and soothe our noses (or is it the other way around)

Yet again I digress.

This place is the best place for Vietnamese food, and you can always find parking in the dark streets behind it. The bill was only $23.50 and we were stuffed to the gills. Time for a little walk down king street. Walked pass bright blue neon lit Tool Shed - wondered what happened in there. But Steph ushered me quickly past the doorway before I had time to stop and peek up the stairs.

Got back to the car and drove to the Wong's new residence. Wow I know the place is called the Glo Apartments but surely the should have named it the Glo Hotel! The entrance is pretty impressive, a bit like the pearly gates, but modern. A bit of wandering around we located our destination. Wow! Their place is pretty funky! I'm jealous of their courtyard! Its as big as our living area! They were watching their copy of Hero on DVD!! Yay! Don’t have to spend money on a movie ticket. Then found out that the only language the movie was in was Mandarin and the subtitles only came in Chinese! Well Steph fazed out and the rest of us were trying to guess what they were saying. And making it up where we where left clueless.

We left regretfully aware of an early morning start yet here I am writing up the blog at 1am!?! Steph has retired and as soon as this has posted so will I.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

G for Go home!

My god what a day!

Trains: waited 5 mins then 3 mins.

We have changed over to a new administration system and the usual teething problems have arised. - Do this do that. Umm where's the report? Oh new system! No report! No access! Gets better and better.

But Eva's quick mind and deft fingers made short work of the daily tasks and resulted in an easy afternoon, which was spend working on the following days stuff and surfing the internet for the best bead deals

I have searched far and wide and I reckon that http://www.blogger.com/app/www.ozbead.com.au is the best place to buy beads from online, I thought I found a really cheap shop around the corner from us but this place is much better. So when I get paid guess where the little of my spare money is going? Beads beads beads! Hehehe! But its not to some useless cause! Last night I dreamt up a choker, one of those big ones that I make.

Shall take photos of it as I go along.

If the shoes fit, Wear them!

I've finally managed to get around to wearing the new shoes (Julius Marlow) I bought 2 months ago for a 2nd interview that I didn't end up getting, all has been well and good thus far...

I wore them yesterday and they were great! Couldn't complain at all, 2nd time I'd worn them outside of the house since I'd bought them, but today... Ouch! I'd forgotten how painful it can be to break a new pair of shoes in... There's just gotta be a better way!

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Rant @ Work


If I had my way everyone here would have been castrated and fed to the dogs!

Some advise to all, if you promise someone that your worker will deliver something at a certian time and date. Make sure you bloody tell the worker!!!

Oh and email etiquette? Forget it! Here's some big news! You cannot command me!


Thinking about putting up those shocking interior design photos on here. what is your opinion?

eva is officially a geek

my god i cant believe im musing on the net for all to see!!!

maybe im a trendy geek. (small comfort)

anyway the first of many.

Over and out - Eva

Cool link for the day

In some idle surfing through whirlpool, I found this cool page, follow the link you gotta love modern technology!


@ Work

You'd think that there was a "real" problem with mail today when every second phone call is related to mail.

Checked our mail notification system and it currently reads:

Major delays (4123 messages queued), however this may not affect all new messages.

One thing that really surprises me, is how can this delay not affect all messages?? Maybe this should read:

You actually took the time to check the page? Congratulations, there are major delays, (4123 messages queued), don't expect any mail for a while!

Ahhh... I love support

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

mmm... Food!

On Sunday night Eva made this really cool Chinese dish called Haan Daan (Salted Egg). At first it was a little weird, but after a few mouthfuls, it wasn't so bad, just a little salty. I think Kathleen was a little more interested in my reaction than Eva was, Lu Lu also found out before I managed to get a mouthful, and she's on the other side of the planet in London.

But it was great, we also had some Broccoli & Steamed fish & Steamed Rice to go with it all.