Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Removed from the list

I woke up the morning to a bad dream.
I was in a lift with a bunch of strangers,  I got off at my level, only to turn around as I heard "Jessica" being screamed out.
I turned around and was someone's arm and leg was trappd in the lift door!
And that feeling of horror was you watch the lift move and those trapped limbs slide upwards to a industrious motor hum before a jarring screeching jolt. 

You know that when it's Man vs machinery, man will come out second best.

So Jessica is off the list.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Body trumps mind

Wow! Talk about two speed.

Mind wanted to go shopping, Medicare, get some eng. Breakfast tea. Send emails. Bake cookies

Body says no.

Mind must settle for a nap to convince body.

This cannot continue!

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Silhouette Template - Card - We Felt the Love

Its Saturday morning 1.30am.  I'm writing this up after to express my emotions and to share a one off design which has been inspired by the events of this week.

This week has been a sea of emotions.  Last Saturday, I created my best party decoration event ever!  And felt proud as punch! More on that once I get some photos from the paparazzi team!

But also in the same week hit probably the deepest moment of despair.  It has a happy ending, but for a while we thought it was the end, even during that time we still received so much love and support my husband and I have many people to thank.

Friday, March 30, 2012

A Dramatic Evening

Eva!  Make the room stop spinning!
For a second, I thought, How?  then realized that Ed was really quite sick and needed some medical attention.  so i called RPA, and was lucky to be transferred to Health Direct, which is a hotline which you can call 24hrs a day to get someone with a medical degree, (real one! Not from TV) to talk you through and assess your condition.  (1800 022 222) if you ever need to call them

But the time I go through (THANKS Vodafone Grr!)   Ed was riding the porcelain bus in a very bad way, between moments of holding his head like that was all that stopped it from exploding.

The nurse decided on an ambulance, which arrived nice and quick with two really cool officers (who must be comedians as a side job)

Ed's vital signs were all good and it was declared okay to stay or if he was worried to the hospital for more tests.

Ed manned up and declared he would stay, and we all went to bed, hoping there would be a heart beat in the morning, and no vomit puddles in the corridor.

Morning came, he was still alive, and toe corridors were clean, but obviously hes still sick because he wanted to go to work!

It was a very dramatic night.  and to top it off i had some yogurt which was a bit off and had my own personal digestive issue!  so tiring.  i pray this weekend will be quiet.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Carry me banana...

Voodoo pancakes come and me wanna go home!

Dads place up in cc has a few banana trees!  Well they aren't a tree per say, but a herb! Distantly related to the ginger plant!  Wow!  Anyway Steph ans I were up  last weekend.  Dad showed us the branch, and I git Steph to cut it down. 

It was still green and very heavy!  I was quite excited.  And its been living in a plastic bag for a week.  Today I was delightfully surprised by a bounty of bananas!  I'm going to make some in a coconut brotH!  CANNOT WAIT!